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DIY equipment & Teks

Technical guides, teks and solutions to automated equipment for mushroom growing by your own.

Helpful DIY equipment for mycological manipulations.

Tips and tricks for automating and improving mushroom growing process

MonoTub Tek

How to make an effective Monotub and forget about manual misting and FAE. Fruiting chamber configurations: Modified monotub, Unmodified monotub, Double Tub or Twin Tub, Shoebox or Mini-tub, fully Automated MonoTub and modifications

Bottle Tek

Complete guide on how to grow mushrooms in plastic bottle. Bottle-Tek is a newbie friendly method for mushroom growing at home. Such simple fruiting chamber is a cheap alternative for monotub, shoeboxes, growbox and other teks

Cooling & heating with Peltier

How to cool down mushroom fruiting chamber in hot season and vice versa keep incubation chamber warmer in a cold season? Let's figure out DIY cooling and heating for mushroom growing in one solution with using Peltier element. Ultimate guide by @mrzimm

Incubation Chamber with °t control

How to make an Incubation Chamber with automated temperature control for mushroom growing. List of components for Incubator

Laminar Flow Hood for $99.86

Cheap and simple DIY guide on how to make Fan Filter Unit as a alternative option for Laminar Flow Hood for mushroom growing at home for under 100$ by PsychonautJim

Still Air Box (SAB)

Still air box is a simple device aimed to prevent contamination during mycology manipulations. SAB is a cheap alternative to laminar flow hood. Make step towards advanced cultivation level: agar work, cloning, agar to agar, g2g transfer, etc

DIY magnetic stirrer for liquid culture

How to make a magnetic stirrer for home mycology: list of materials, step-by-step guide and video demonstration