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Mushroom Growing Guide

Comprehensive step-by-step guide to Mushroom Cultivation

If you are a newbie then just follow articles one by one. You might get a beautiful Mushroom harvest very soon!

First post is just an introduction, you can skip it actually.

In second publication we consider essential items that Junior Grower needs to buy for Mycology hobby.

From third article the actual Cultivation process begins - we make spore syringe.

Shroomok suggests you to read posts multiple times before doing any kind of manipulations. You have to clearly understand what's going on, why do we do this, but not that.

Shroomok also wishes you a good luck with this fantastic journey. Don't hesitate to join Shroomok Discord to ask questions or just share your experience/photos (which is very appreciable).

Have fun!

How to grow mushrooms at home

How to start mushroom growing from scratch. Main stages in growing process every mushroom grower should know. How to use Shroomok Mushroom Cultivation Guide and succeed from the very first attempt. Entry point of the growing journey!

Stuff to buy for growing

Check the list of required stuff for your first mushroom grow! Mushroom growing supplies and equipment to buy or to skip. List of helpful stuff to make your mushroom cultivation easier

How to make spore syringe

STEP 1. Let’s make liquid Spore Syringe from a Spore Print. Life hack for noobs: spore syringe in zip bag without glovebox, still air box, or laminar flow hood

Choose substrate for mushrooms

STEP 2. Overall guide about substrate types for mushroom growing. The difference between substrates: grain for spawn, bulk and casing. Choose right grain for spawn. First step of grain substrate preparation

Cook the grain substrate for Spawn

STEP 3. Let’s prepare first substrate for magic mushrooms. Recipes and cooking time for different types of grain. Moisture level and useful additives for mushroom spawn

DIY Spawn jars & Spawn bags

STEP 4. How to prepare Spawn Jars and Spawn Bags by your own and save money. Spawn Jars types: autoclavable polypropylene and glass jars. Components for making Inoculation Port and Air Filter. Recommended volume for Spawn Jars and Spawn Bags

Substrate sterilisation

STEP 5. Sterilization in Pressure Cooker or Autoclave to eliminate all forms of microorganisms in substrate (molds, fungi, bacteria, spores). Time vs Pressure for sterilization process. Alternative thermal treatment in multicooker, instant pot and oven

Inoculation without glove box

STEP 6. How to introduce spores or Liquid Culture in sterile substrate. Sterility requirements. Inoculation process without glovebox, SAB or laminar flow hood

Incubator & Grain colonization

STEP 7. How to make incubator for mushrooms. Colonization conditions for mycelium. First signs of mycelium. When and why do we need Break and Shake? Colonization problems and solutions. No signs of mycelium growth or why mycelium grow too slow

Spawn to Bulk & Casing

STEP 8. How to make mushroom cake or spawn to bulk for MonoTub, Bottle-tek etc. How to prepare bulk and casing substrate. Advantages of bulk and casing. Substrate recipes. Additives for fruiting substrate and casing. Bulk and Casing colonization

Cold shock: pros & cons

One of the most debated topic among mushroom growers. Pros and cons of cold shocking in mushroom growing. Cold Shock and Heat Shock. Scientific studies on the effect of temperature shock in mushroom cultivation. Cold Shock Experiments by Shroomok

GrowBox Tek

STEP 9. GrowBox Tek. How to make GrowBox as a fruiting chamber for mushroom growing. Useful gadgets for GrowBox. Basic fruiting conditions in growbox: temperature, humidity, light, fresh air exchange

Pinhead initiation. Fruiting conditions

STEP 10. Basic principles of pin setting. Fruiting parameters for mushrooms pinning, primordia formation, and fruit bodies development of Golden Teacher, Thai and Brazil strains. Growing problems during fruiting period and how to trigger pinheads.

How to make mushroom spore print

STEP 11. Let’s make your own spore prints before harvesting! Save money and save mushroom genetic for the future mushroom cultivation and mycological experiments without fear of loss

Flush #1. When and how to pick mushrooms

STEP 12. What is the best time for mushroom harvesting: before torn veil or after torn veil? Twist and pull or cut? Why is it important to crop mushrooms in time?

How to dry and store mushrooms

STEP 13. Save your mushrooms after harvesting for a long time! How to dry magic mushrooms properly and save their potency. How to dry shrooms without dehydrator. The best tempretaure for mushroom drying. It is possible to store magic mushrooms for years!

Rehydration/soaking of mushroom cakes

STEP 14. What is rehydration? What is flushing? Why is it necessary to soak mushroom cake immediately after harvesting? How to rehydrate mushroom cake and trigger new rich flush of mushroom fruiting cycle

Flush #2 of fruiting period

STEP 15. Harvest results after first rehydration. Second flush of mushroom fruiting and crop weight

Flush #3 of fruiting period

STEP 16. Results of the most productive third flush of mushroom fruiting. Yield weight of 3rd flush. Rehydration and preparation for the 4th flush of fruiting cycle

Flush #4 of fruiting period

STEP 17. Results of the fourth flush of mushroom fruiting. Yield weight of 4th flush. Rehydration and preparation for the 5th flush of fruiting cycle

Flush #5 of fruiting period

STEP 18. Harvest results of the fifth flush of mushroom fruiting cycle

Flush #6 of fruiting period

STEP 19. Results and final harvest of sixth flush of mushroom fruiting cycle

Wasted shroom cakes

STEP 20. How to dispose of mushroom cakes or mushroom blocks, when the fruiting cycle is finished. How to bury mushroom cake and get harvest outdoor

Mushroom grow report in numbers

Let’s sum up! Yield data by flushes and by strains in graphs, charts, statistics. The most popular Q&A about mushroom growing cycle

Grain to grain transfer

Fast and easy Inoculation and Mycelium Multiplication method both for newbies and experienced growers

How to grow magic truffles

Magic Truffles is a true neglect tek that newbies fall in love with. It’s a stealth growing method that easy to manage. No need to use fruiting chamber to get sclerotia harvest. This article covers Tampanensis and Mexicana psilocybe strains

Shiitake growing guide

Step by step growing guide and report by mrzimm. Substrate recipe for shiitake. DIY shiitake grow kit or how to make mushroom block by your own. Fruiting conditions for shiitake. Shiitake growing in the basement

Liquid Culture

Liquid culture is a quick way to save and multiply mushroom mycelium. With this technique you can turn one syringe into dozens of them and inoculate hundreds of grain jars! Here we cover LC media recipes, liquid mycelium daily growth, LC contamination

Coffee grounds as a substrate

Is it possible to grow mushrooms on ground coffee substrate? Check out the story about growing magic mushrooms Albino Penis Envy on coffee grounds

Agar Recipes

Types of agar media and over 60 agar recipes for mushroom cultivation. Choose the right media for your needs: spore germination, strain isolation, long-term storage. Get tips on how to speed up mycelium, prevent culture aging, inhibit contams on agar

Charcoal Manure Agar

Dung agar media recipes based on dry manure (horse, cow, elephant, camel, zebra, turtle etc.) for cultivation of Panaeolus aka Copelandia mushrooms and other species that love manure substrates

Agar Slants

Agar slants in test tubes allows you to save mycelium for 1-3 years. No pour agar and tips on how to store mushroom culture in agar slants for longer: low nutrient agar media, using wooden sticks, mineral oil or liquid paraffin for long term storage