How to start mushroom growing from scratch. Main stages in growing process every mushroom grower should know. How to use Shroomok Mushroom Cultivation Guide and succeed from the very first attempt. Entry point of the growing journey!

Hi buddy!

You are here for a reason...

Let me guess: maybe you've already observed the successes and failures in the process of growing magic mushrooms?

For sure, you've checked a bunch of grow-report forums.

Are you ready to experience the Mushroom Kingdom for real? Not, as usual, on your heel, bathroom or bread box?

Growing psilocybin mushrooms is the real magic, not what is commonly believed (e.g., the effects of its digestion by the stomach).

Okay, enough foreplay :) Welcome to our cozy guideline!

First Psilocybin mushrooms growing. Third wave of fruiting magic mushrooms (Brazil strain)
For motivation! Psilocybe Cubensis Brazil

Here we share our magic mushrooms cultivation experience, describe in detail the minimum necessary tools and the simplest steps for beginners in growing Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms. In our guide we use the most accessible and inexpensive tools to organize growing at home. Even a newbie can learn and start growing. This mastery within everyone's reach!

Of course, you can get better results with laboratory equipment, a laminar flow cabinet, a glove box, and sterile chambers, but come on... you need to start easy.

This guide is not a perfect manual and does not pretend to be an expert opinion. You'll see successes, failures, mistakes, helpful tips, experiments, observations and conclusions from our experience. You can make your own adjustments, optimize and improve the process, do things differently, easier, more fun.

Not holding back, taking chances!

Psilocybin mushrooms growing. Psilocybe Cubensis (Golden Teacher strain). Third wave of fruiting and harvesting
For motivation! First magic mushrooms growing experience. Psilocybe Cubensis (Golden Teacher)

In our time, we did not follow blindly the manuals and made a number of mycological experiments: some successful and some failures. We have summarized data in Growing Statistics to digitize and clearly show you our results on the lifecycle of the whole process of growing Psilocybe Cubensis, which is described here.

This manual is a tribute to the Fungi Kingdom. It is a desire to share all our experience with those who, like us, have studied the information about the magic mushrooms cultivation, bit by bit, and continue to improve these skills.

Mycology at home
Mycology at home

Wish you to experience the magic of the exciting Growing Trip!

We begin this journey with preparation step Let's get started! Stuff to buy ▶️

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