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Winter wonderland with Jack Frost

Jack Frost, a mythical elf portrayed as mischievous and playful, imparts a whimsical touch to winter, leaving behind frosty patterns and a nip in the air. In the realm of mushroom cultivation, the distinctive frosty appearance of the Jack Frost magic mushroom sets it apart, particularly among albino varieties.

Genetic roots of Jack Frost strain

The parents of Jack Frost are two popular Psilocybe Cubensis strains renowned for their robust genetics: True Albino Teacher (TAT) and Albino Penis Envy (APE).

TAT (True Albino Teacher)

APE (Albino Penis Envy)

This unique cross was introduced in 2018 by Dave Wombat, the co-creator of TAT Syndicate and the mastermind behind over 15 outstanding TAT genetics. Notable strains include Jack Frost, Wombat TAT, Clockwork Orange, MVP (Most Valued Producer), El Choco, and more.

At the same time, Jack Frost is the parent for the Yellow Umbo genetics (hybrid of two different speciesPsilocybe Natalensis x Psilocybe Cubensis Jack Frost).

For an in-depth exploration of Jack Frost's ancestry and the expansive Mushroom Genetics Tree, refer to the genetic graph at the beginning of this page. Dive deep into the roots and discover the remarkable lineage that has given rise to Jack Frost and 100+ other strains.

Magic beauty of Jack Frost mushrooms

Jack Frost is renowned as one of the most visually stunning magic mushrooms, often becoming a favorite among cultivators for its captivating frosty appearance.

Jack Frost Clone growing on rye, milo and millet mix - 6 Qt DubTub

The strain produces flat caps that gracefully curl upwards.

Beautiful Cubensis Jack Frost fruiting

The color spectrum of Jack Frost mushrooms ranges from iced-white to deep blue.Happy Jack Frost mushrooms

Jack Frost - 6 qt DubTub

The blueish tint and flower-like caps considered particularly beautiful.

Amazing Jack Frosts

Growers actively pursue unique phenotype isolations to enhance and refine the strain's aesthetic qualities.

Jack Frost pheno mushroom

The initial flushes yield medium-sized mushroom fruiting bodies.

Cubensis Jack Frost magic mushrooms

Although Jack Frost is able to produce giant ghosts!

Jack Frost finally put me in the 100 club - Jack Frost magic mushrooms #3

Don't be surprised if Jack Frost produces enormous specimens, earning you a spot in the coveted 100 grams Club!

Jack Frost finally put me in the 100 club - Jack Frost magic mushrooms

Jack Frost growing tips

Cultivation level: Intermediate. Recommended for growers with basic experience and higher.

I know it's a great temptation to cultivate such beautiful mushrooms. Most newbie growers are chasing for albinos due to their higher potency. However, let's be honest!

If you're a beginner with zero experience and a complete lack of understanding of the mushroom life cycle just go simple. Opt for hardy strains such as Golden Teacher, Pink Buffalo, Malabar, Brazil or B+ (B positive), and let them guide you. The first attempt with forgiving authentic strains is an excellent preparation for more capricious albinos, like the Jack Frost strain.

Don't even think about looking for Jack Frost grow kit! Don't torture Jack Frost, this strain is not for this type of cultivation. You'll be disappointed with result.

If you've thoroughly studied each step of the Mushroom cultivation guide or have at least one successful experience in mushroom growing — GO AHEAD! Jack Frost should undoubtedly be a valuable addition to your cultivation portfolio.

Grain for Spawn

Unhulled oats, whole rye, milo, millet. Don't afraid to play with other types of whole grain.

Bulk fruiting substrate

The commonly used pasteurized CVG bulk substrate mix (coco coir, vermiculite, gypsum) works wonders for Jack Frost fruiting.

Colonization, Pinning and Fruiting speed

Jack Frost colonizes grain relatively quickly (2-4 weeks), but is slower in fruiting conditions. Sometimes, it takes over a month for first pins after providing fruiting conditions. Be ready to exercise patience and wait for 2+ months to harvest your first Jack Frost magic mushrooms.

Pro Tip: Cloned or isolated genetics show a faster colonization and fruiting cycle.

Jack Frost Clone - 6 qt dubtub

Pinning issues and Overlay

Fruiting issues like overlay can plague even the most seasoned growers

My Jack Frost hates me and it overlays EVERY SINGLE TIME! The casing layer is the way I got mine to fruit the ONE TIME I succeeded with that strain.

For those unfamiliar, a true casing layer of a non-nutritional mix, including Peat moss (also known as sphagnum), Vermiculite, and Hydrated Lime, proved to be the key to coaxing fruiting from Jack Frost. A properly made and pH-adjusted casing layer serves as the optimal solution for promoting pinning while providing robust protection against common mold contaminants like green mold.


Typically, you can expect three productive flushes, with the potential for up to 5-6 flushes overall. Keep in mind that the last 2-3 flushes tend to be lower yielding.

Resistance to Contamination

Average. Jack Frost exhibits average resistance to contamination. More prone to contamination during bulk colonization and pinning period.

Recommended Cultivation Teks

Explore various cultivation techniques, including Shoebox (6-10 Qt), Bottle-Tek (5-10 Qt), DubTub (2 tubs x 6Qt), and MonoTub (30-50 Qt). While small mushroom cakes are an option, avoid using a PF-tek for this particular strain.

Jack Frost Clone growing on rye, milo and millet mix in 6 qt DubTub

Gills and Spores production

Jack Frost produces fully developed stems and caps. While regular Cubensis drops violet-purple-brown spores, Jack Frost, as an albino strain, releases fine white spores.

Picked fatty Jack Frost mushrooms #6

The most effective method for preserving genetic material is through spore swabs.

Ensure that swabs are thoroughly dried before packaging for storage, akin to spore prints, as packaging them while wet could lead to bacterial contamination.

Jack Frost potency

It is believed that Jack Frost has inherited above-average potency from its parents, TAT and APE.

However, it's essential to note that there is no established minimum/maximum data range for these strains, as only a few samples have been discovered so far.

It's crucial to understand that each sample of mushrooms of the same strain may have a different concentration of active alkaloids (psilocybin and psilocin). Even two neighboring mushrooms on the same cake can vary significantly in their potency. Alkaloid content may differ from mushroom to mushroom and flush to flush.

The potency level is greatly influenced by growing conditions and genetic qualities.

Enjoy winter wonderland with Jack Frost magic mushrooms.

Peace, Shroomok ❤️

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