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Mushrooms Q&A

In this section you can find short educational publications regarding frequently asked questions about Mushrooms, cultivation

Here you can find list of articles on how to store mushrooms properly, drying/freezing mushrooms, mushroom glossary and other stuff that doesn't fit any category

How to store spore syringe

How to store mushroom Spore Syringe for a long time? How to identify whether spore syringe contaminated or not?

How long can you store mushrooms

How long do shrooms last? Dried psilocybine mushrooms lose their potency over time? Is it safe to take shrooms after 2-3-4 years? Powdered mushrooms lose potency faster than whole mushrooms? Fortunately, dried shrooms do not go bad after time!

How to freeze fresh shrooms

You can freeze mushrooms to prolong their activity. It's not a rocket science, however it's easy to fail and spoil magic mushrooms by freezing. Here we talk about main aspects of refrigeration of fresh psilocybin mushrooms to save their potency

How to store mushroom spawn for a long time

How long can Grain Spawn be stored? How to store Mushroom Spawn properly?

Spore print storage

How long can I store mushroom spore prints? How to store spore prints properly?

Liquid spore VS Liquid culture

What is the difference between Spore Syringe and Liquid culture aka Liquid Mycelium?

Terminology & Abbreviations

Mushroom cultivation glossary and basic mycology terminology with simple explanations. Popular abbreviations and acronyms are used in mushroom growing communities and cultivation guides

Sterilization vs Pasteurization for bulk substrate

Pros and cons of Sterilization and Pasteurization for preventing green mold Trichoderma contamination in mushroom growing

Best grain spawn to bulk ratio

Discussion regarding the optimal ratio of grain spawn to bulk substrate for mushroom cultivation