STEP 19. Results and final harvest of sixth flush of mushroom fruiting cycle

STEP 19. day 67-71. Sixth flush of magic mushroom fruiting period

At this step mushroom cakes/blocks are depleted, they spent most of nutrients for the previous flushes.

Some growers continue fruiting cycle till the 8th flush. In fact fruiting is not productive after 3-4 flushes.

Our 6th flush produced only 24 grams of Brazil magic mushrooms, which turned into 1 gram of dried shrooms.

Here is our super flush and harvest 😆

Psilocybe Cubensis growing guide. Sixth flush of harvesting period. Brazil strain
Sixth flush of fruiting period, Psilocybe Cubensis Brazil
Psilocybe Cubensis Brazil. Sixth harvest. Sixth flush
Psilocybe Cubensis Brazil. Sixth flush and final harvest

All other cakes (one GT cake and two Thai cakes) were buried in the garden after 5th flush. Maybe we would have had another 70-100g, but we didn't want to bother with wasted cakes.

It is more interesting to start new growing process with using new teks of cultivation and with new mushroom species.

What can you do with wasted mushroom cakes? How can you continue mushroom fruiting?

Check out the final step — Step 20. What to do with wasted mushroom cake: carry on or throw away 🔽

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