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Contams & Troubleshooting

Mushroom Cultivation is a fascinating and inspiring process, however each of us faces different issues during the grow. Shroomok constantly collects useful tips on how to deal with a lot of types of cultivation problems.

Shroomok will help you distinguish between contamination and, for example, mushroom bruises, determine whether you have to get rid of suspicious cake or it's still healthy to grow on. Here you can find not only comprehensive information about the most common molds and contams, but instructions on what to do with overlay or stroma as well

Mushroom contaminants

Short library with TOP non-contam problems and common mushroom contaminants

Overlay & Stroma

If you find Overlay and Stroma symptoms: cottony, cloudy, mat-like or crust-like dense mycelium. Contamination or not? Why overlay appear? Is it possible to fix overlay and stroma?

Bruises or contam?

Why magic mushrooms turned blue and have bruises? Why mycelium bruised? The main differences between bruising and mold contamination in mushroom growing

Mushroom aborts

If you find your pins and mushrooms have stalled, stopped growing and their caps turned black

Fuzzy feet and caps

Long stems, Fuzzy Feet, White Dots on mushroom caps or Fluffy Caps. What all these symptoms mean to a mushroom grower

Black spots on shrooms & mycelium

Strange black spots suddenly appeared on mushroom caps and mycelium. Why is this happening? Is it contamination or not? Is it safe to take such mushrooms?

Mushroom metabolites

Yellow liquid appeared on the mycelium, mycelium turned a yellowish color, strange yellow-brown line appeared on the mycelium. What could it be? Contamination or mycelium metabolites aka mycelium piss?

Cracked & split caps

A split or cracked mushroom caps and stems are neither contamination nor a disease. These symptoms indicate dehydration or imbalanced parameters in the fruiting chamber, which can be fixed. It can also be a genetic mutation that cannot be fixed

Green mold aka Trichoderma

Signs of Trich contamination. Why Trich appear on the 2-3 flush? Add one magic component and forget about Green Mold contamination in mushroom growing. What to do with mycelium contaminated by Trichoderma Mold

Mycogone aka Wet bubble

Shapeless masses, fluffy blobs of mycelium ooze with amber yellow orange brown liquid. Mycelium piss or wet bubble disease aka Mycogone perniciosa? Symptoms of wet bubble contam. Why mycogone appeared on mushroom cake? How to treat wet bubble disease?

Cobweb mold

Cobweb mold contamination is one of the few molds are possible to treat. Cobweb disease symptoms. Cobweb mold treatment guide. How to prevent cobweb contamination. How does cobweb look like vs mycelium

Bacterial blotch disease

Bacterial Blotch disease in mushroom cultivation with photo examples for identification. Main causes of Pseudomonas tolaasii contamination. Tips on using WD-40 for prevention condensation issues. Chlorinated water for bacterial blotch treatment

Help! Overheated mycelium

What if I overheated mycelium in jars? What temperature kills mycelium? Is it possible to save spawn jars if incubation box had high temperature for a few hours?

Natalensis: fruiting & overlay issues

All-in-one grow bag is not a magic pill, especially, when it comes to Natalensis cultivation. Aggressive behaviour of mycelium leads to overlay which is a common issue for Natal. Here we talk about what can be done if growbag already suffers from overlay

DIY Mold Test on Agar

Mold spores are everywhere. But how do you know what airborne contaminants are present in your home? Make a simple air sampling test on agar to check the air quality in your workspace for mycology or any other places

Side/Bottom Pins

Side and bottom pins are totally normal mushrooms. However, zero pins on top of mushroom cake and side pins is a sign of microclimate issues. Explore main causes of side/bottom pinning, harvesting tips and photo examples with Q&A