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Check the list of required stuff for your first mushroom grow! Shopping list and necessary equipment for mushroom cultivation. List of helpful stuff to make your mushroom growing process easier, however they are not necessary for the first try

Check list of necessary items for mushroom growing
What do you need to buy for magic mushroom growing at home

Shopping list for the start of magic mushrooms growing at home

What are the main stages of the magic mushrooms life cycle?

Mushroom Cultivation process consists of 2 main stages:

1️⃣ Colonization period (first 2-4 weeks). It is vegetative phase when mycelium of psilocybin mushrooms is formed. This mycelium grab the nutrient substrate in the jars or spawn bags.

Incubator for colonization period for psilocybin mushrooms
Incubator for psilocybin mushrooms colonization period

For this phase we need to prepare liquid spore syringe, spawn substrate, bags or jars for spawn substrate, make substrate sterilization, substrate inoculation, make mushroom cakes and cover them with casing layer, make an incubator and control the necessary microclimate conditions for this period: no light at all, temperature +27+30°C or 80-86°F, low humidity (30-55%).

2️⃣ Fruiting and harvesting period (next 6-8 weeks after colonization period). It is a phase of pinhead and primordia formation, mushrooms fruit bodies growth and harvesting.

Growbox or fruiting chamber for magic mushrooms growing
Fruiting chamber (aka growbox) for psilocybin mushrooms fruiting period

For this phase, we need to prepare a growbox (aka fruiting chamber), reduce temperature to +21+23°C or 70-74°F, provide lighting, high humidity (90-99%) and ventilation.

At first, it will be enough to prepare all stuff for the first stage — colonization period. If you succeed in it, then proceed for the second phase.

Newbie cultivators often don't know about the separation of these two stages of mushroom cultivation and confused the conditions (most often temperature conditions). In the next sections we'll discuss step by step all details, differences and possible mistakes for each period.

Where do you start your magic mushroom cultivation? Alternatives and costs

❇️ Option 1 — «grow kits and no worries»

Ready to use grow kit for beginners with basic stuff you need for the start can be found online (Amazon). The price is about $100-$200. Anyway you need to buy some stuff for convenient and sterile work.

To be honest, such kits are "so-so" quality, but good enough for newbies. For long term hobby better to make everything by your own. It's worth it!

❇️ Option 2 — «DIY»

It's super easy, fun and exciting process! You can assemble your incubator and fruiting chamber (growbox or monotube) by your own. This constructor is real to make much better and even cheaper in long-term prospect.

You don't need to buy everything at once. You just need time, passion and patience.

Our total costs were about $130 for the whole process described in this guide

Your very first growing can be organised cheaper. You can spend no more than 80$ for EVERYTHING you need. We'll show you how you can save money for the first time. All costs were 130$ for the whole growing process described in this guide, including equipment for simple Incubator, GrowBox and additional tools. This price doesn't include pressure cooker or autoclave, laminar flow hood and other expensive stuff for professional mycology.

As a result, it turned into 1 kg 883 g of raw harvest (details about yield by strains and by flushes in Growing Stats section) and about a hundred spore prints. But the most important were emotions gained from 10 weeks of an exciting GROWING trip!

Let's move step by step and make a list of necessary stuff to start you own mushroom cultivation.

List of required items for colonization period

For the first stage of growing process you need to prepare:

1️⃣ Genetic material: spore print in zip bag or spore syringe or liquid culture in syringe. This is the most important and indispensable participant of the whole growing process

Psilocybe cubensis spore print
Psilocybin mushroom spore print (Psilocybe Cubensis)

2️⃣ Cardboard box with thermal box liner (Amazon) or Styrofoam shipping box (Amazon) or Insulated bag(Amazon). You already have something at home for sure! This will be our incubator.

Incubator for cultivation psilocybe cubensis
Cardboard box with bubble PE sheeting as an incubator for growing psilocybin mushrooms

Styrofoam box as an incubator for mushroom cultivation.

Styrofoam box as incubator for mushroom growing
Styrofoam box as incubator for mushroom cultivation

Cabinet or cupboard shelf as an incubator for mushroom colonization period

Cabinet shelf or cupboard shelf as incubator for mushroom colonization period
Cabinet shelf or cupboard shelf as incubator for mushroom colonization period

3️⃣ Jars with lids or grow bags + injection port and air filter

⚗️ Canning Mason jars

Mason jars for growing psilocybin mushrooms
Mason spawn jar. Lid with filter and injection port.

Use any jars for canning, Mason jars, heat resistant 5PP jars.

The optimal volume 12-32oz or 350-1000ml.

For lids use self-healing injection ports aka bottle stoppers and synthetic air filters

⚗️ Polypropylene jars

Polypropylene (5PP) is heat resistant food plastic withstand temperatures up to +140°C (284°F).

Polypropylene jars with twist-off polypropylene jars for mushroom spawn jars
Polypropylene jars with twist-off polypropylene jars for mushroom spawn jars
Spawn jars example
Spawn jars example (polypropylene or glass) with inoculation port and filter covered by bactericidal patch
Polypropylene symbol
Polypropylene symbol

⚗️ Polypropylene Autoclavable Mushroom Grow Bags as jar alternative

Spawn bag for mushrooms cultivation
Spawn bag for mushrooms cultivation
Psilocybin mushroom spawn grow bag
Spawn grow bag for magic mushrooms

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Mason Jars with Lids, 16/32oz $17.99

Polypropylene jars, 8-32oz $11.97

Air Filters 64 pcs. + Injection Ports 100 pcs. $13.99

Ready mushroom grow bags, 20 Bags $44.99

4️⃣ Heater for incubator to keep the temperature in the incubator +25°...+27°C or 77-81°F for the first 2 weeks.

But it depends on the season of the year and temperature conditions in your home. So, during the hot season you can proceed without it, but during the cold season you'll need additional heating to speed up mycelium colonization.

Actually if your room temperature +20°C or 68°F and higher incubator with heater is optional. But takes more time for mycelium growth

You can use shoe dryer

Heater for incubator
Heater for incubator

Or heating mat (silicone mat heater, heat mat for terrarium, floor mat heater, plant and seed warming mat, hydroponic heating pad for indoor seedling and germination), animals bed heater, any household heater or any heating element, сorner near radiator or even your cat.

Heating mat examples for incubator
Heating mat examples for incubator

✅ Temperature controllers aka Thermostat for mushroom incubator. Optional, but useful device to maintain stable temperature


All stuff on Amazon:

Shoe Dryer with build in fan $49.43

Infrared Heat Mat $21.99-32.99

Seedling Heat Mat $39.99

Inkbird Digital Temperature Controller $35.00

5️⃣ Whole pure dry grain that is suitable for food for people and animals. You can use organic grain or grain for sprouting.

To prepare the spawn substrate you need at least 1-2 liters of dry grain per 1 spore print. In fact, even 10 liters of grain can be inoculated with one spore print, it depends the inoculation method.

For spawn substrate you can use: wheat berry, oats, barley, rye, wild bird seeds, popcorn, corn, brown rice, millet, sorghum.

🌾 Whole wheat berries.

Wheat for substrate for psilocybin mushrooms growing
Whole wheat for preparing spawn substrate for psilocybin mushrooms growing

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon: Hard Red Winter Wheat Berries, 5 lbs - $17.95

🌾 Whole oat with husk.

Whole oat for psilocybe cubensis substrate
Whole oat for psilocybe cubensis spawn substrate

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon: Organic Whole Oat Grain Seeds (With Husk Intact), 2 Lb - $21.94
🌾 Brown rice.

Brown rice for mushroom spawn and BRF substrate
Brown rice for mushroom spawn and BRF substrate

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

BEN’S ORIGINAL Whole Grain Brown Rice - 2 lbs. - $3.48

Extra Long Brown Basmati Rice - 3.3 Pounds - $14.99

Nishiki Premium Brown Rice - 15 Pounds - $25.59

🌾 Millet or wild bird seeds

Millet for mushroom cultivation
Millet for mushroom spawn

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Bird Red Millet, 1/2/10/20 lb - $9.99-$59.99

Deluxe Wild Bird Food, 10 lb bag - $14.99

Wild Bird Seed Mix, 10-Pound bag (10/20/40) - $27.99-$52.99

Organic Rye Berries, 5 lbs bag - $21.95

Details about grain options, peculiarities of substrate preparation and sterilization we'll discuss in sections: Choose and prepare substrate, Cooking the substrate for psilocybin mushrooms and Spawn substrate sterilization

✅ You can buy ready to inoculate sterile grain for mushroom spawn, so that skip next steps and move on Inoculation section. Such option can save your time greatly and money for expensive pressure cooker, jars and lids accessories. It's a great option if you just want to try mushroom cultivation with ease.

Shroomok's choice on Amazon:

Sterilized Rye Berry Mushroom Substrate with Self Healing Injection Port - 1/6/12 Bags - $9.69

Mini All in One Mushroom Grow Bag - $22.95

Sterilized Rye Berries Substrate in Mushroom Grow Bags - 1 Pound - 6 Bags - $43.95

Sterilized Rye Berry Mushroom Substrate in Injectable Quart Jars - 4 Jars - $53.95

Brown Rice Flour Substrate - 6 Jars - $54.95

6️⃣ Drainage. Vermiculite and Perlite

Perlite and vermiculite as a drainage for substrate for growing magic mushrooms
Vermiculite and perlite as a drainage for substrate

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Vermiculite 8 qt. - 1/2/5 Pack - $12.64

Organic Vermiculite 4/8 qt. - $15.95

Organic Perlite 1/4/8 qt. - $10.99

Premium Perlite 8 qt. - $13.89

7️⃣ Thermometer and hygrometer. Electronic thermometer with a hygrometer or an ordinary household thermometer to monitor temperature in the incubator and grow box.

Thermometer and hygrometer for incubator and growbox
Thermometer and hygrometer for incubator and growbox: electronic and manual

More convenient to use electronic external thermometer and hygrometer 2-in-1.

Electronic thermometer with hygrometer

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

2-in-1: Simple Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer - $7.95

Bluetooth Digital Hygrometer, Thermometer with Remote App - $12.99

2-in-1: Professional Digital Hygrometer, Thermometer - $17.99

List of required items for fruiting period

For the second stage of growing process you need to prepare:

1️⃣ Plastic container or terrarium for making fruiting chamber (aka grow box).

Detailed construction of the fruiting chamber is presented in the DIY Grow Box for Magic mushrooms. Fruiting conditions section.

The volume should be about 30-40 liters (30-40Qt). You can use plastic boxes of larger (50-80L or about 50-80Qt) or smaller shoeboxes (15-20L or 15-20 Qt) as well. The bigger the better. Because the will be accumulated less carbon dioxide (CO2) during mushrooms growing. Bigger grow box can be ventilated rarely. It's easier to control the microclimate conditions.

Plastic container for preparing growbox
Plastic container for growbox preparation

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Plastic Shoeboxes for mushroom cultivation - 14/17/28/58/68 Qt - 4/6/10/12 Pack - $27.99-$137.59

Container for Mushroom growbox, 64 Quart - 2 Pack - $45.99

Homz Container for Mushroom growbox or monotube, 15/31/64/66/112 Qt - 2/4 Pack - $47.45/$79.99

Buckle Plastic Box for mushroom cultivation - 132 Quart - 1 Pack - $64.31

2️⃣ LED lamp. The lamp light should be weak in the blue range (~435 nm).

LED lamp for growbox for mushroom growing
LED lamp for mushroom cultivation in blue range (~435 nm)

No need to use powerful lamp. Light is needed only to set the direction of growth for mushroom fruit bodies. A diode strip is also suitable for lighting your grow box. Moreover, natural light is suitable as well, but NOT direct sunlight and only diffused light.

lamp for magic mushrooms grow box
LED lamp in the blue range (~435 nm) for psilocybin mushrooms growbox

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

RGB Color for mushroom cultivation, Light Bulb W/ Remote Control - $9.99

Lamp for mushroom growing, Flexible Gooseneck, 3 Level Brightness - $13.41

LED Light for mushroom cultivation, RGB, Battery Powered, Waterproof W/Remote, 3 Pack - $14.29

Gooseneck Lamp for mushroom growbox, Metal Large Clamp, Adjustable Light - $23.98

LED Lamp for mushrooms, Wireless Charger, USB Charging, Touch Control, Auto Timer - $26.99

LED Lamp for mushrooms, USB Charging Port, 2 AC Power Outlet, 1H Timer - $26.99

Led Floor Lamp, 4 Color Temperatures Brightness Levels, Adjustable Gooseneck - $39.99

3️⃣ Plastic Food Containers. Any food flat container for making small mushroom cakes and casing. The volume about 1-3 liters can be used

PE containers for mycelium and casing phase of growing psilocybin mushrooms
Plastic containers for mushroom cakes and casing

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Garden Propagator Set for Mushroom Cakes - 3/10/20 Pack - $7.99

Lunch Boxes with Lids for mushroom cakes - 28 oz - 12/20 Pack - $10.99-$16.99

Seed Starting Plant Growing Trays for Mushroom Cakes - 10 pcs. - $21.99

EarlyGrow Medium Domed Propagator, for Mushroom Cake - $22.99

Food Container with Lid - 28/32/38 oz - 50 Pack. - $26.99-33.99

4️⃣ Coconut peat soil or coconut substrate

Use pressed coconut fiber bricks. Coconut fiber will increase 10 times when soaked in water. It's enough for 4-6 small mushroom cakes, or 1-2 tubes (shoebox, monotub).

Coco brick for magic mushrooms cakes (casing layer)
Coco brick for psilocybin mushrooms cakes (casing layer)

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Coco Coir Mini Brick 650 Gram Block - $9.99

MOTHER EARTH Coco Bale 5 kg, 100% Coconut Coir Fibers - $19.38

Bliss Premium Coconut Coir, 10 lbs Brick - $23.99

Coco Coir Mega Brick, 11 Pound - $26.75

5️⃣ Limestone flour based on calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It is used as a buffer agent to reduce substrate acidity level. And

Limestone flour for casing substrate
Limestone flour for casing substrate

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Lime, Calcium Carbonate for mushroom cultivation, 2 qt. - $12.99

Organic Lime, Calcium Carbonate for mushrooms, 5lb - $16.90

Organics Lime for mushrooms, 6 lb - $17.76

Oyster Shell Flour - Source of Calcium - $24.99

6️⃣ Gypsum (CaSO4) for substrate aeration.

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Food Grade Calcium Sulfate (Gypsum) 3 Pounds - $6.35

Organic Garden Gypsum Calcium Sulfate, 5 lb - $20.00

✅ You can buy ready to use sterilized compost with right water content. No need to buy coco coir, vermiculite, gypsum, limestone and spend time for pasteurization or sterilization. Ready to use sterile coco coir mixed with vermiculite and Lime to use as Casing layer or Spawn to Bulk for Mushroom Cakes or Monotube you can find on Amazon.

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Ready Sterilized Compost Mushroom Substrate - 10 Pounds - 1 Bag - $24.95

Coco Coir, Vermiculite, Gypsum - 5 lbs - $24.99

Ready Sterile Coco Coir/Vermiculite Casing Substrate - 5 Pounds - $34.95

List of required items to buy at the pharmacy

1️⃣ Growers outfit: face mask, gloves, medical cap, disposable medical gown or PE raincoat

Growers outfit for mushroom cultivation: face mask, gloves, cap, gown
Growers outfit for mushroom cultivation: face mask, gloves, cap, gown

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon: 10 Gloves and 1 Mask Bundle - $7.99

2️⃣ Sterile syringe (5ml or 10ml or 20 ml) with needle — 1 syringe per 1 spore print. Better to use a big volume syringe to prepare more liquid spore suspension.

Syringe for liquid spore suspension
Syringe for liquid spore suspension

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Syringe Needle for LC or spore syringe, 18 ga - 50 Pack - $9.90

Plastic Syringe for Liquid culture or spore syringe, 5/10/20/60 ml - 12 Pack - $9.99

Sterile Syringe for liquid spore or liquid culture 5/10/20/30/60 ml - 30Pack - $13.19

3️⃣ Antibiotic in pills or Hydrogen peroxide solution 3% (H2O2) - optional!

Antibiotic pills for mushroom substrate
Antibiotic pills for mushroom substrate

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon: Amazon - Solimo Hydrogen Peroxide Topical Solution USP, 32 Fl Oz - $6.07

4️⃣ Antibiotic in ampoule or Hydrogen peroxide solution 3% (H2O2) - optional! Veterinary antibiotics can be used

Antibiotic for mushroom growing
Gentamicin for liquid spore

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon: Amazon - Solimo Hydrogen Peroxide Topical Solution USP, 32 Fl Oz - $6.07

5️⃣ Sterile injection water — minimum 3-5 ml per 1 spore print. Additional 5-15 ml will be needed to dilute the liquid spore suspension and fill in the whole volume of syringe.

Sterile injection water for liquid spore syringe
Sterile injection water for liquid spore syringe

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon: Sterile Water 100ml 6 Bottles - $12.59

6️⃣ Ethyl alcohol (70% or 96%) — 400-500 ml minimum. We recommend to use 70% alcohol in spray bottle.

Ethyl alcohol 70% in spray bottle
Ethyl alcohol 70% in spray bottle

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Isopropyl Alcohol 70% USP Grade - One Quart Spray - $21.99

Isopropyl Alcohol 70% USP Grade - 4 X 1 Quart Spray Bottle - $45.00

7️⃣ Breathable bactericidal patch — minimum 20-30 pcs. For 1 jar you will need 3 patches and 8-10 pcs. for the grow box. Or you can use micropore, omnipore tape.

Breathable bactericidal patch, micropore
Breathable bactericidal patch, micropore

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

3M Micropore Tape 1530-1 (2 rolls) 1 x 10 yards - $4.60

Micropore Surgical Tape - 3m - 2" x 10 YD - 6 rolls - $9.95

Box of Flexible breathable bandages - 50 pcs. - $14.99

8️⃣ Cotton disks — 1 pack (50-100 pcs.)

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon: Cotton Rounds Organic, 100 Count - $3.79

List of required kitchen and household items

1️⃣ Pressure cooker, autoclave or multicooker.

Autoclave or PC for grain substrate sterilization
Pressure cooker or autoclave for grain substrate sterilization

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Aluminum Pressure Cooker - 7 Qt - Silver - $38.45

Pressure Cooker 15-PSI, Polished Aluminum - 22 Qt - $91.39

Pressure Canner and Cooker - 23 Qt - $128.63

Pressure Cooker & Canner, 3 PSI Settings - 22 Qt - $129.99

Steam Autoclave Sterilizer - 8.5 Qt - $179.90

Professional All-American Non-Electric Sterilizer - 25 Qt - $449.95

Household stuff for growing magic mushrooms
Household supplies for growing psilocybin mushrooms at home

2️⃣ Saucepan (the volume about 3 liters).

3️⃣ Sieve or colander.

4️⃣ Aluminium foil.

5️⃣ Marker pen.

6️⃣ Teaspoon.

7️⃣ Tablespoon.

Useful and helpful, but not necessary stuff

These items will be helpful for cultivation process, but not necessary for the first growing experience.

1️⃣ Aquarium air pump for automatic ventilation and to maintain high humidity level. This gadget is useful for automatic fresh air exchange.

Aquarium air pump for growbox for mushroom cultivation
Aquarium air pump for growbox for mushroom cultivation. Productivity 180 L/hour

Aquarium air compressor for automatic grow box ventilation
Aquarium air pump for automatic growbox ventilation. Productivity 150 L/hour

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Quiet Oxygen Pump for 20-100 Gallon - 2 Outlets - $14.99

Air Pump with Dual Outlets - up to 80 Gallon - $16.98

Adjustable Oxygen Pump for 20-100 Gallon - 2 Outlets - $16.99

Powerful Air Pump - for 20-200 Gallon - 2 Outlets - $19.99

Your grow box can be ventilated and misted manually. Details are in the DIY Grow Box for Magic mushrooms and Pinhead initiation. Fruiting parameters sections.

2️⃣ Humidifier for growbox. Terrarium humidifier allows you to maintain a constant humidity level of the grow box automatically.

Humidifier for tube
Growbox humidifier

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Cheap USB-Powered Mini Humidifier 250ml - $6.99

USB Mini Portable Humidifier 350ml - Led Light - $10.99

Portable Humidifying Unit - 0.7 L - Light and Auto Shut-Off - $29.99

Professional Humidifier/fogger with Extension Tube - 4L Large Tank - $37.99

Professional Humidifier Double Extension Tube, 2 in 1 Joint - 2.2 L Tank - $45.99

Professional Humidifier, Fogger for GrowBox - 2 L Tank - $45.99

3️⃣ Carbon dioxide sensor (CO2 detector). To control carbon dioxide level in growbox during mushrooms fruiting period. These sensors are also indicate temperature and relative humidity.

Digital carbon dioxide sensor or CO2 detector for growbox
Digital carbon dioxide sensor or CO2 detector for growbox

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

3-in-1: CO2 Detector, Temperature, Humidity - $39.97

3-in-1: Portable CO2 Detector, Temperature, Humidity - LCD Display - $48.99

Air Quality Monitor: CO2, Temperature Humidity - NDIR Channel Sensor, Rechargeable Battery - $71.99

3-in-1: CO2 Meter, Temperature, Humidity; USB Power & Battery - $89.45

Professional 6-in-1: CO2 Detector, Air Pollution, Temperature, Humidity - $89.99

3-in-1: CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Tabletop & Wall Mountable - $129.99

Smart Home - All-in-One - Radon & Air Quality Monitor - $148.76

4️⃣ Soil pH meter to check and control acidity level of substrate.

pH meter
pH meter

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

3-in-1 Soil Moisture pH Light Meter - $15.90

4-in-1 Soil Tester Moisture - $18.99

Digital Soil Ph Meter - $21.93

5️⃣ UV Sanitizer Lamp. Useful for preparing conditionally clean spore prints from your harvest and for preparing working space for all mycological manipulations. This device can reduce contamination risks greatly!

Germicidal (bactericidal) lamp
Germicidal (bactericidal) lamp

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Ozone UV Germicidal Light UVC Lamp Timer, for Home and Mycology - $27.99

UV Light Sanitizer - for Home and Mycology - $29.99

6️⃣ Medical or jewelry pocket scales for weighting mushroom crop, microdoses and trip doses accurate to the 0.01 gram. Turned out to be very useful.

Medical or jewelry pocket scales for weighting psilocybin mushrooms
Medical or jewelry pocket scales for weighting psilocybin mushrooms crop, microdoses and trip doses (accurate to the 0.01 gram)

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Digital Pocket Jewelry Scales - Scale Capacity 200 g, Scale Accuracy 0.01 g - $10.75

Mini Digital Jewelry Scale - Capacity 500g, Accuracy 0.01g - $10.99

Professional USB Milligrams Scale - Capacity 50g, Accuracy 0.001g - $22.78

All in One: Scales, Case, Tweezers, Calibration, Weighing Pans - Capacity 50 g, Acuracy 0.001g - $37.99

And many other useful gadgets to optimize your growing process and make your mushroom cultivation automated.

The sky is the limit!

Here are some helpful tips and notes for newbie grower.

Where to buy everything you need

Be ready to check:

  • Shroomok's Choice on Amazon
  • Grow-Kits from Shroomok
  • pharmacy
  • flower store
  • pet store
  • supermarket
  • market
  • grocery store with all sorts of household trivia.
  • the vast expanse of the Internet to help you, where you can order online a lot of useful things to start growing.

Don't forget to check all stuff you've already had at home.

Why is sterility so important for mushroom cultivation?

In the process of psilocybin mushrooms cultivation we are simulating natural conditions. In these conditions there is a fierce competition and fight for the nutrient substrate between psilocybe spores, bacteria, molds and viruses.

It is very easy for psilocybin mushrooms to lose this battle. But we can help them win!

How? By maintaining sterility at all stages of growing process.

Main sources of contamination with bacteria, molds and viruses are:

🔴 Grower himself (hands, hair, breath, snot, saliva).

Solution: gloves, face mask, medical cap and medical gown (or PE raincoat).

🔴 Workspace (microorganisms on surfaces and flying in the air).

Solution: disinfect the space, avoid draughts and ventilation during mycological manipulations, treat all surfaces with alcohol, use a glovebox or still air box (SAB).

🔴 Instruments and tools.

Solution: treatment with alcohol or sterilization.

🔴 Spore print.

Solution: use sterile spore print or antibiotic application.

🔴 Substrate.

Solution: use antibiotic or hydrogen peroxide for spawn substrate preparation and thorough substrate sterilization.

How to prepare work space for mycological manipulations?

Let us remind you that in this guide we use only the simplest and most accessible methods to organize growing psilocybin mushrooms at home. Our process was carried out without laboratory equipment, glove box and SAB which are desirable but not necessary. Still, let's say a few words about the ideal conditions for growing psilocybin mushrooms. Such conditions minimize the probability of mold spores, bacteria and viruses entering the substrate during liquid spore syringe preparation, during inoculation, casing process and during spore prints preparation.

Still, let's say a few words about the ideal conditions for growing psilocybin mushrooms. Such conditions minimize the probability of undesirable spores penetration, which leads to substrate contamination.

Laminar flow cabinet or Glove box

Glove box or laminar flow cabinet — a vacuum box, which is used in laboratories to ensure the sterility of the laboratory procedures carried out. The main disadvantages are its high cost, as well as a number of inconveniences arising from working with thin and fragile instruments while wearing thick gloves.

Laboratory glove box
Laboratory glove box

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

Vertical Laminar Flow Hood, Clean Bench with Three Fans, HEPA-Filter for Cleanliness Dust Free Work - $480.85

YJINGRUI Vertical Laminar Flow Hood, 26x12x20 inch Working Area, HEPA-Filter for Mycology & Class 100 Cleanliness Dust Free Work with Three Fans (110V) - $589.00

YJINGRUI Vertical Laminar Flow Hood Air Flow Clean Bench with HEPA-Filter for Class 100 / ISO 5 Cleanliness Dust Free Work Single Use 110V (22.6'X22.6'X29 Workbench) - $896.00

Simple mobile acrylic glovebox for mycological manipulations.

Acrylic glovebox
Acrylic glovebox

An alternative option is a DIY sealed glovebox made from a plastic container with a germicidal lamp and gloves. This is a simple and cheap option.

Handmade glove box for inoculation and growing magic mushrooms manipulations
Handmade glove box for inoculation and growing magic mushrooms manipulations

Still air box (SAB)

One more alternative simple option is still air box (SAB) for all mycological manipulation. It's easy to make. SAB is not sealed, it does not eliminate the possibility of contaminants, but it helps greatly reduce the risks of contamination by bacteria and spores flying in the air or live on surfaces.

Moreover, you can use such box as SAB, then use it as a growbox or make a monotube. So, no need to buy additional stuff.

Ready to use still air box (SAB) for psilocybin mushrooms cultivation
Ready to use still air box (SAB) for psilocybin mushrooms cultivation
SAB for mycology
Still air box (SAB) example
SAB for mycology
Still air box for mycological manipulations

Shroomok's Choice on Amazon:

SAB Mini Still Air Box | 32qt - $99.95

What if there is no glovebox and SAB?

If you don't have such devices and don't want to bother with them for your very first growing experience, then take care about preparation the cleanest space at home, which isn't occupied by molds. Ideal for manipulation is a bedroom and a table thoroughly wiped with alcohol over the entire surface. Kitchen and bathroom are not recommended for mycological manipulations. Such places give more opportunities for further contamination.

Now you need to do the following:

  1. Clean your room before mycological manipulations.
  2. Turn off any ventilation or air conditioning, close windows and eliminate drafts.
  3. Wipe a table with alcohol (70%).
  4. Prepare your grower outfit: medical cap, face mask, gloves, and a PE raincoat or medical gown.
How to be prepared for growing psilocybin mushrooms?
Prepared space, place, table and growers outfit for mycological manipulations

It's sad and funny that after a while this look became normal on the streets of all cities and countries. Suddenly, covid-19 turned everyone into growers :)

We don't know about the corona virus, but in the case of growing psilocybin mushrooms, this outfit is must have! No doubts, from your hair, from your face, from your clothes, through snot and saliva can fall a lot of "uninvited guests", which won't let the magic mushrooms come into the world.

Keep in mind! You should use your grower outfit at ALL stages of the growing! Just change gloves, if necessary. You can neglect anything, but not a sterility!

❗️❗️❗️The first and the most important rule of growing mushrooms is a STERILITY❗️❗️❗️

For now, we have everything prepared according to the lists above. Bags for our growing trip are packed! It's time to begin exciting journey that will last for the next 10 weeks

Let's go! STEP 1. Day 1. Liquid spore syringe ▶️

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How to make spore syringe

STEP 1. Let’s make liquid spore syringe from a spore print. Lifehack for noobs: sterile spore syringe in zipbag without...

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Feb 2021

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How to make spore syringe

Choose substrate for mushrooms

STEP 2. Overall guide about substrate types for mushroom growing. The difference between substrates: grain for spawn, bu...

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Feb 2021

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Choose substrate for mushrooms

Cook the grain substrate for Spawn

STEP 3. Let’s prepare first substrate for magic mushrooms. Recipes and cooking time for different types of grain. Moistu...

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Feb 2021

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Cook the grain substrate for Spawn

DIY Spawn jars & Spawn bags

STEP 4. How to prepare Spawn Jars and Spawn Bags by your own and save money. Spawn Jars types: autoclavable polypropylen...

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Mar 2021

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DIY Spawn jars & Spawn bags

Substrate sterilisation

STEP 5. Sterilization in Pressure Cooker or Autoclave to eliminate all forms of microorganisms in substrate (molds, fung...

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Mar 2021

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Substrate sterilisation

Recent publications

Liquid Culture

Liquid culture is a quick way to save and multiply mushroom mycelium. With this technique you can turn one syringe into...

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May 2023

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Liquid Culture

Cracked & split caps

A split or cracked mushroom caps and stems are neither contamination nor a disease. These symptoms indicate dehydration...

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May 2023

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Cracked & split caps

Shrooms and high temperatures

To grow shrooms is a real challenge when you got constant high environment temperature. I've collected a few solutions f...

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Apr 2023

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Shrooms and high temperatures

Cooling & heating with Peltier

How to cool down mushroom fruiting chamber in hot season and vice versa keep incubation chamber warmer in a cold season?...

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Mar 2023

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Cooling & heating with Peltier

Shroomok DiscordBot and Gallery

Shroomok becomes more image-oriented! New Gallery section on a website, lightbox script and super cool Shroomok DiscordB...

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Mar 2023

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Shroomok DiscordBot and Gallery