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Disposing of magic mushrooms cakes

STEP 20. How to dispose of mushroom cakes or mushroom blocks, when the fruiting cycle is finished. How to bury mushroom cake and get harvest outdoor

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STEP 20. Day 71-73. How to dispose wasted mushroom cake

You'd think everybody would know how to dispose wasted cakes, but apparently, not so much.

Growers often neglect and underestimate this important step in growing process. And in vain! In addition to the main rule of "sterility" during the colonization and fruiting phase, you should follow another rule "don't give yourself away" to ensure your own safety at the legal level.

Legal status of magic mushrooms in different countries

In some European countries psilocybin mushrooms are decriminalized, i.e. "for yourself" are allowed to grow and consume (but sale and distribution are prohibited!). For example, in some states of the United States of America and several European countries everyone over the age of 21 can have no fear of criminal punishment for the cultivation and personal use of mushrooms. There is no prosecution of people for it.

In some lucky countries psilocybin mushrooms for personal use and medicine therapy are even legalized!

Check out the Legal status of psilocybin mushrooms in your country

Spore prints, grow kits and all related growing products are not fruiting bodies. That's why they are legal to buy sell and store

How to dispose mushroom cakes after harvesting?

Wasted cakes (without fruiting bodies on them) are also legal. Anyway, let's note that throwing it in the trash, especially with your other trash, where may be some inadvertently thrown notes, receipts, etc. is not a good idea. We think no need to explain why.

The ideal option is to take the wasted cakes out to a planting, forest or vegetable garden and bury them in the ground.

If you can't do that, pack cakes in a separate bag and throw it away separately from all your other trash. The same goes for any growing consumables or failed jars with substrate and mycelium.

Don't ever throw anything down the toilet! Cakes do not sink, so the consequences can be an explanation to the plumber of what you have flushed down the toilet and lead to a chain of unwanted proceedings.

Do everything delicately, safely, quietly and beautifully...

We sincerely wish every conscious grower to reach this step of growing process and not screw up!

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