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How to deal with or prevent psychedelic bad trip

Psychedelic bad trip
Bad trip with psilocybin mushrooms

Mushroom Bad Trip experience


Hey Humanity, remember! No one guide save you from facing with yourself and your fears.

Mushrooms are not a silver bullet or pill against all problems. Mushrooms are just a tool.

YOU and only YOU are responsible for the possible consequences when using psychedelics.

All materials in this article is only recommendations according to our own experience. They are meant to encourage you to think and be responsible for your actions.

Psilocybin mushrooms are contraindicated

⛔️ People under 18 years.

⛔️ Pregnant women and during breastfeeding period.

⛔️ People with epilepsy or latent epilepsy.

⛔️ People with schizophrenia or latent neuropsychiatric disorders.

⛔️ People with chronic heart disease.

❌ Do not consume psilocybin mushrooms if you are sick (including colds), depressed, in post-operative period, or just want to forget and escape from worries.

❌ Never mix Psilocybin mushrooms with alcohol.

What is Bad Trip?

Bad Trip — is a slang expression, a state of fear and panic during a psychedelic trip session.

Bad trip causes and condition

If you have any doubts and fears don't take a trip dose. Your fears are the basis for Bad Trip.

Don't pressure yourself. Don't let anyone pressure you in this process. Don't force. Your introduction should be smooth, soft and relaxed. The main reason for the "bad trip" can be your own doubts and fears.

Those who take mushrooms for the first time may have negative feelings caused by uncertainty: "What have I done to myself?"

Or fear: "Will I ever get out of this trip?"

Both states are tricks of the mind. Your ego doesn't want to let go of control. This is the situation where panic can take control of you completely and put you in its time loop. You will walk in a vicious circle and be afraid to jump out of it. This state can last for hours.

Another example is when you completely lose control and your sense of time. You can find yourself in a frightening situation that has to do with your past (flashback) or present.

When Bad Trip can be helpful

Bad Trip experience can be a meeting with your hurt, pain and thoughts you need to let go. You can meet with real "Me" who can be scary. Or with your real desires you actually ignore and it makes you feel scared and hurt.

Such states are not dangerous. On the contrary, they work to expand your boundaries. The more difficult this process the more work is required of you.

Bad Trips can turn out to be even helpful trips. You acknowledge something, let go of something, understand something, rethink or learn something.

Try to turn this bad trip to your advantage. After all, there is a reason why you had such kind of experience.

How to deal with mushroom bad trip

Once the psychedelics start working you can't stop their effects. It is useless to resist! You can only accept it.

Bad thoughts, fears, traumas, resentments, worries and mental wounds cause a bad trip. Emotions that lie on the surface or deep mental wounds can have a particularly negative effect.

Of course, each person accumulates a different set of this junk over the course of his or her life. But what matters here is how far and deep this dump of emotional junk and fears is buried.

In this situation you need to try to calm down, breathe evenly, drink water and take bad thoughts as a process of clearing your mind.

Try not to panic when your mind is full of negative images and thoughts.

Don't look at the clock waiting for the moment when you finally let go.

First, you will have an altered sense of time.

And secondly, you will only concentrate on your fears in this way, thus driving yourself into a repeating and reinforcing loop of experience. This is a system with positive feedback loop. But the word "positive" in this case doesn't describe something good, but something that reinforces itself. There is a risk of sinking very deeply.

If a person slips into a bad trip it is important to have experiences sitter who can guide you in the right direction.

Sitter doesn't ignore pain or trauma. Doesn't walk away from the topic. Sitter is supposed to help the person through this pain.

At the same time, sitter helps not to get stuck in that state until the end of the trip and leads smoothly to the bright side of life.

If you feel you need to call somebody for help, contact someone who has experience with psychedelics. You can make arrangements in advance and warn this person to be your sitter during the trip in person or be available via phone.

Don't call close family members, as these people usually don't know how to help you. They can only make the situation worse by adding their panic. Perhaps even more than you panic.

How to reduce the effects of psilocybin mushrooms?

❇️ Vitamin C in pills (1000 mg), glass of orange or grapefruit juice can help to reduce the effects of psilocybin mushrooms.

Shroomok's choice on Amazon:

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❇️ Valerian pills are also effective in addition to vitamin C (1000 mg).

Solgar Valerian Root Vegetable Capsules, 100 Count - $31.80

❇️ Glucose pills are also effective in addition to Vitamin C (1000 mg) and Valerian.

Fast-Acting Glucose Chewable Energy Tablets, Different tastes - $26.99

Sweet chocolate and sweet tea reduce the effects.

Sometimes a quiet calm walking can help. But it depends on the outside conditions. Noisy and crowded outside environments, on the contrary, cause anxiety.

Start your introduction to mushrooms with microdosing.

🔴 Recommended: Psilocybin Mushroom Microdosing Guide

To reduce the risk of Bad Trip always prepare for your journey.

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