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Mushroom Strains

Welcome to the most scariest page of the whole Shroomok website. It looks not fancy, but I have no idea how to place Mushroom Genetics Tree better.

Here you can see a massive graph which consists of Mushroom categories -> species -> strains -> hybrids/crosses/isolations.

You can use orange arrow buttons to navigate across the tree. Also you can just scroll in any direction: from left to right, from top to bottom.

There are plenty of insights which homie Mycologist can get from this tree

Did you know that Tidal Wave is a cross (hybrid) of Penis Envy and B+? What about True Albino Teacher which is a mutation of Golden Teacher? Look closely at the graph and get a complete understanding how mushroom strains relate to each other

Also, don't stick to just Tree, there are some stories about a few Mushroom strains as well. Scroll down to check them out.