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Mutant strain Albino Penis Envy

APE magic mushroom strain
Psilocybe Cubensis Albino Penis Envy strain

Albino Penis Envy mushrooms: story of origin, cultivation tek and growing problems, potency and effects

There is one provocative mushroom. It resemble an intimate symbol and full of jokes about naming

APE huge mushroom
APE isolated culture harvest by Costana Monovar - Shroomok growers Community in Discord

Get to know it! Albino Penis Envy is one of the most desirable Psilocybe Cubensis strains among psychonauts and mushroom growers. His name speaks for itself and fully describes his physical form: thick stem and convex head (the cap usually doesn't open completely)

APE huge mushroom
APE giant mushroom by Costana Monovar - Shroomok growers Community on Discord

In contrast to the golden caps of regular Cubensis, APE's caps are white/beige with a blue tint. When dry they turn into a beautiful silver-blue color

Mostly used wordplay abbreviation as a name for this mushroom - APE 🦍

Albino Penis Envy in books and journals

This mushroom and its ancestors are featured in John Allen's book "Sex, Mushrooms, and Rock and Roll" (download free pdf book) on the title page. It is mentioned as a first sex toys of ancient people in his book "Sexy Sacred Mushrooms" (particularly in paragraph "Penis Worship, Penis Envy & Phallic Symbolism")

APE in John W. Allen book "Sex, Mushrooms and Rock and Roll"
APE in John W. Allen study "Sex, Mushrooms and Rock and Roll"

John W. Allen aka "Mushroom John" is a brilliant Mushroom Pioneer, ethnomycologist, writer, artist, photographer and independent researcher of the entheogenic use of psilocybin mushrooms. He discovered many new species and strains. One of them is Pink Buffallo, also Cambodian and Burma.

Enough to talk about mushroom porn so far. Let's figure out Albino Penis Envy features.

Origin of Albino Penis Envy mushroom

You'll never find such specimen in nature. Why? Because it's a MUTANT strain created by mycologists.

Albino Penis Envy is a hybrid of two Psilocybe Cubensis strains: Penis Envy and PF Albino.

Penis Envy + PF Albino = Albino Penis Envy mushroom
Penis Envy + PF Albino mushroom = APE

There are legends about how Penis Envy's ancestor came to be. This story involving ethnomologists Terence McKenna, Steven Pollock and Rich Gee. These psychonauts are so overplayed that it's almost impossible to find the true story of the Penis Envy origin.

The beginning of Penis Envy history starts in 1971 from a huge Cubensis mushroom in Amazon river area that was founded by Terence McKenna. He brought several prints of large specimens to the United States (Colorado) and gave them his friend Steven Pollock (a medical doctor, mycologist). But this finding doesn't mean Terence McKenna brought the finished version of Penis Envy genetic are known today.

Long mycological experiments were followed. Steven Pollock first tried to isolate the culture on agar. And during cultivation he noticed one fungus that stood out among all the others. This is how the mutation was identified. This mutant was cloned and became the Penis Envy.

It is believed that a mycologist Rich Gee (it's his nickname), who wished to be anonymous, worked on this strain

Penis Envy mushrooms in monotub
Penis Envy mushrooms in monotub

However, everyone who had a hand in this creation doesn't claim authorship, they really lost the ego. All these guys refer to each other and joking about mushroom naming.

The second ancestor of APE is PF Albino. It is a Psilocybe Cubensis mutant by famous character in the world of magic mushroom cultivation called Professor Fanaticus or Psylocybe Fanaticus). He and his PF-tek became one of the most popular and easiest mushroom cultivation teks for home growing in 1990's.

As result of all these stories and mycological manipulations, we have Albino Penis Envy strain, that is super popular today.

Big Albino Penis Envy mushrooms
Albino Penis Envy harvest by Costana Monovar - Shroomok growers Community on Discord

Albino Penis Envy potency

APE potency: stronger or not

You often hear from experienced growers and psychonauts:

"All Cubes are plus-minus the same...But it's not really about APE mushroom"

Albino Penis Envy strain is known as one of the most potent among Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushrooms and even more potent than his ancestors Penis Envy and PF Albino. All albinos are considered more potent.

APE isolated culture can accumulate more alkaloids than regular Cubensis strains. Therefore, possible to grow more potent mushrooms. However, there is still insufficient data to state this fact, the strength of the mushrooms may vary considerably due to growing factors (cultivation conditions) and post-harvest storage methods.

According to Oakland Hyphae, the average alkaloid concentration of Penis Envy and Albino Penis Envy may be much higher than other strains of the Psilocybe Cubensis

Psilocybe Cubensis potency by strains research
Psilocybe Cubensis potency by strains. Research by Oakland Hyphae

The following data is based on preliminary research and development methods, does not represent final data and requires further peer review before being taken more seriously than 'interesting'. Oakland Hyphae

Alkaloid concentrations can vary from mushroom to mushroom, from flush to flush. Moreover, even in the same mushroom there can be a significant difference in the stem and cap.

Significant difference exists between SPECIES, not strains within one species:

Magic mushrooms potency by species
Psilocybe mushrooms potency by species. "Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World", Paul Stamets

Readers should note, that within any one species, there can be a tenfold range in psilocybin and psilocin production from one collection to the next. (Paul Stamets, "Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World")

...other indole alkaloids have been found in mushrooms besides psilocybin and psilocin. Baeocystin, norbaeocystin and/or aeruginacine are closely related to psilocin, and may be active. (Gartz, 1992)

Albino Penis Envy effects and tripping with APE

Psychonauts reported more intense trip with Albino Penis Envy mushrooms. Some noted more intense and active visuals. Someone have wavelike visuals, someone reported a deeper mystical experience

Always prepare for tripping!

Remember, all reports is subjective assessment of feelings. Mushroom trip depends mostly on the dosage, individual personal characteristics (metabolism, hormonal and immunity system), preparation before tripping, environment, level of stress, information background, your brain "library", set & setting etc.

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APE for microdosing

Albino Penis Envy strain can be used for microdosing as any Psilocybe Cubensis strain. Personal dosage calibration for microdosing course is crucial importance step

Mushroom microdosing
Psilocybin mushroom microdosing. Capsules with mushroom powder

🔴 Check out: Microdosing Guide

Features of growing Albino Penis Envy

APE cultivation features

Cultivation steps for APE are totally the same as for other Psilocybe Cubensis strains

🔴 Follow step-by-step Mushroom Cultivation Guide by Shroomok and have a happy growing!

Is Albino Penis Envy suitable for newbies in mushroom growing?

Albino Penis Envy is recommended for experienced growers who have at least one successful grow from scratch (not a growkit!) and understand the basics in mushroom cultivation.

Actually attentive responsible newbies also succeed. So, don't limit yourself and be ready for hard work!

What is the best cultivation tek for APE mushrooms?

1. The most efficient growing tek for APE is MonoTub. These giants enjoy free space.

Albino Penis Envy (APE)

🔴 Check out: DIY Monotub for mushrooms

2. Tek №2 for APE is Bottle-tek and small mushroom cakes

Albino Penis Envy mushroom cultivation in plastic bottle
APE cultivation in plastic bottle aka bottle-tek

🔴 Check out: Bottle-tek or How to grow mushrooms in plastic bottles

🔴 Check out: Casing and small mushroom cakes

3. Even simple PF-tek can be used for growing Albino Penis Envy mushrooms

Pf-tek Albino Penis Envy mushroom cultivation
PF-tek for APE growing, BRF-cakes

APE cultivation and growing problems

Don't expect huge harvest for the first attempt. This strain is a bit capricious.

The most responsible step in the Albino Penis Envy cultivation is pinhead initiation period. This is the very first days after starting fruiting period or introducing fresh air and up to 14 days.

Albino penis envy fruiting conditions. APE pinhead initiation
Albino penis envy fruiting: pinheads, primordia and fruit bodies
APE pinhead initiation and growing conditions
Normal APE mushrooms development, bottle-tek
APE pinning and fruiting
Normal pinning and fruiting of Albino Penis Envy mushrooms

At this stage it is important to maintain favorable fruiting conditions for pins and primordia formation.

❗️Inappropriate microclimate conditions can be a trigger for genetic mutations! This is a common problem for all mutant strains

🔴 Check out: Fruiting period. Pinhead initiation. Growing parameters

Mutated primordia are called Dino Eggs. Such mutants can be more potent than normal mature mushrooms

Albino penis envy mutation is a common growing problem. It's not contamination
APE mutation is a common cultivation problem. It's not contamination

It isn't contamination and these mutants are safe to use

Albino Penis Envy mutation
APE mutation: pins and primordia form strange bulbs

Another example of strange mutated fruits instead of mushroom bodies. Such shrooms can't transform into a normal mushrooms with cap and stem

ape mutation
APE mutation

It's impossible to stop or fix this process. As a result you'll get an aesthetically unattractive crop

APE mutation
Albino Penis Envy mutated mushroom

Such mutants are safe to consume. But theirs genetics are useless for any further mycological manipulations (particularly cloning). As you can see these shrooms don't have normal caps and usually don't produce spores.

APE genetic mutation
Albino Penis Envy genetic mutation

Sometimes APE genetic mutation looks awesome!

Beautiful APE mutation
Cute mutants without normal cap. Albino Penis Envy by Costana Monovar - Shroomok growers Community in Discord

This APE mutant looks like monster mouth 👻

APE mutant with monster mouth
APE mutant with monster mouth by Costana Monovar - Shroomok growers Community in Discord

Another side of the same APE monster

Albino Penis Envy genetic mutation
Beautiful and strange Albino Penis Envy genetic mutation by Costana Monovar - Shroomok growers Community in Discord

How to grow big Albino Penis Envy mushrooms

From the very first harvest you can get smaller fruit bodies in comparison with photos shared on the internet. First of all it depends on genetics! If we are talking about multiculture mushrooms reach about 6 inch (15 cm).

Albino penis envy (APE) harvest
APE harvest (multiculture, bottle-tek, first flush)

Isolated culture (by cloning mushroom tissue on agar or isolated colony on agar) produces giants, real mushroom King Kongs

APE mushrooms harvesting
Albino Penis Envy mushrooms harvesting by Costana Monovar - Shroomok growers Community in Discord

How to make Albino Penis Envy spore swab or APE spore print

You may notice APE don't produce spores. The caps often don't open and don't form veil. It is almost impossible to make a spore print of Albino Penis Envy, since the caps don't fully open and don't show the gills.

How to gather spores of APE mushroom
How to gather spores of albino penis envy mushroom

Spores are white or transparent, visible only under microscope. They spill out from the very edge of the cap on the mushroom stem. That's why spore print preparation like with ordinary Psilocybe Cubensis strains won't work for APE

Albino penis envy right after torn veil
Albino penis envy right after torn veil
APE mushroom porn
APE mushroom porn

Use sterile cotton swabs (available at the pharmacy) to gather and save your spores for a long time. Store them in a dark place in the refrigerator or at room temperature. Always use airtight bags to keep them sterile.

How to make APE spore swab
Making Albino Penis Envy spore swab and mushroom tissue for cloning (from the stem)
APE spore swab example
Albino Penis Envy spore swab example

How to work with a spore swab

Spore swab means further work with agar and/or liquid culture. This seems to be more complicated manipulations for noobs, because required additional knowledge, skills, equipment and time. But don't worry, with time this skill can be mastered.

Agar guide and Liquid Culture guide by Shroomok are coming soon... Stay tuned!

One more option to skip working with agar and LC is ready for inoculation liquid culture or spore syringe.

Albino penis envy liquid culture example
Albino penis envy liquid culture
APE liquid culture in laboratory test tube

If you find this guide helpful, please support me with a cup of coffee on ☕️ buymeacoffee

Peace, Shroomok ❤️

📸 More photos in APE photo gallery


A nice Page with all the Infos i was looking for. Definitly bookmarked for further research and keep on educating myself. thumbs up!

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