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The Secret World of Gandalf Mushroom

Gift-Only Culture: the fascinating saga of Cubensis Gandalf and its caretakers

In the world of psychedelic mycology, where the boundaries of reality blur and intertwine, a strain of magic mushrooms known as Psilocybe Cubensis Gandalf or True Albino Melmak has emerged.

This strain is a part of TAT project and TAM (True Albino Melmak) lineage by TAT Syndicate.

It’s a cross of two Cubensis strains TAT (True Albino Teacher) and Melmac (Homestead Penis Envy isolation), resulting in a phenomenon that had gained significant popularity over the last few years.

Gandalf mushroom

Scientific classification

  • Kingdom: Fungi

  • Division: Basidiomycota

  • Class: Agaricomycetes

  • Order: Agaricales

  • Family: Hymenogastraceae

  • Genus: Psilocybe

  • Species: Psilocybe Cubensis

  • Strain (subspecies): TAT x Melmac = Gandalf

Where to buy Gandalf magic mushroom strain

“A wizard is never late. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.”

This magical strain was one of several phenotypes isolated from that crossbreeding. Known as Gandalf, it was a brand new and captivating mushroom strain that had captured the imagination of underground mushroom cultivation communities. MycoMama Angela and her partner, Father O’Blivion, were the brilliant minds behind the creation of this gift-only culture.

Gandalf magic mushrooms

Gandalf was unlike others in the world of magic mushrooms. It couldn't be bought or traded in the traditional sense.

To access the genetics of Gandalf, one had to embark on a quest to find the mythical "Gandalf waiting room" within these underground mycological communities. These waiting rooms had exclusive "waiting lists" for free Gandalf swabs and you had to deserve it.

You could be gifted by a stranger unexpectedly without knowing this story. If you helped someone with your knowledge and experience, you should not look for Gandalf - wizard will find you on his own.

Gandalf came with a part of responsibility. It's not enough to take the genetic treasure for free. Those who received Gandalf had a sacred obligation to pay it forward. Once you had this strain, you had to start the cultivation process and present somebody else with a swab, helping to spread Gandalf's wisdom all over the world. True mushroom enthusiasts still follow this heartfelt tradition.

The Gandalf became more than just a magic mushroom strain or fascinating psychedelic experience; it is a symbol of shared knowledge and community. It embodied the spirit of adventure, wisdom, and the idea that some of life's most extraordinary treasures were not for sale but were meant to be shared and passed on from one generation of seekers to the next.

MycoMama Angela didn't just isolate Gandalf, but also ventured to discover other intriguing varieties like Shakti and apparently Omni (known to throw blob-like mutations like Enigma). These strains, unlike Gandalf, could be acquired through more traditional means, making them accessible to a broader community of mushroom enthusiasts.

Gandalf strain potency

Potency: above average.

Although there is no exact data for this strain. One of the debated sample data for Albino Melmak (by Oakland Hyphae 2022):

  • Psilocybin - 10.83 mg/g

  • Psilocin - 1.00 mg/g

For comparison average data of Golden Teacher strain :

  • Psilocybin - 6.6 mg/g

  • Psilocin - 0.5 mg/g

Gandalf magic mushroom effects and tripping

In Middle-earth, Gandalf was known as an immortal spirit, an angelic figure with enormous power, yet he rarely wielded that power directly. Instead, he worked by guiding them along their journeys with subtle influence. He was a constant traveler, ever on a quest for knowledge.

Gandalf magic mushrooms #3

Similarly, the Gandalf magic mushrooms embodies these qualities. Here is the story of one traveler.

- Can you promise that I will come back?

- No. And if you do... you will not be the same.

The Gandalf character was a part of my set & setting. It was real travel, nature views, sunny weather and calm walking in the woods with Gandalf shrooms (I prepared magic tea with 2.5 grams of dry shrooms).

When I embarked on a trip with these mushrooms, it was as if they were communing with an immortal forest spirit. I felt the forest seep into my soul.

Like the wizard's persuasive nature, the mushrooms gently encouraged me to explore the inner depths of my mind.

When the mushrooms washed over me, Gandalf reminded me that time is a precious gift, and it is up to me how to make the most of the journey called life. I could almost hear Gandalf's words echoing through the psychedelic experience:

...not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us

In the middle of the psychedelic journey I wanted to go down the rabbit's hole, but I couldn’t. It is as if the mushrooms are the guardians of a hidden realm, allowing only those with the courage and wisdom to traverse its boundaries.

Tripping with Gandalf gives the opportunity to dive deep into the recesses of the psyche, returning with tales of self-discovery. Then you need to implement at least a tiny piece of this magical experience into your real life. And Gandalf pushed me to a transformation that is still on the way.

This trip left a lasting impression on me. It reinforced my belief in the transformative potential of psychedelics and the power of the nature to heal and bring insights.

This is a story I will always hold close to my heart, a story of the extraordinary and transcendental found in the heart of the forest and in my own.

Gandalf magic mushroom cultivation tips

The appearance of these mushrooms is astonishing.

Long stems resembling inlaid or old wooden Gandalf's staff.

Caps as white as the great wizard's robe.

Gandalf magic mushrooms. Thank you for all the knowledge you have taught in the group #3

Sometimes bluish or dark-blue spots appear on top of mushroom cap.

The Gandalf strain has a high tendency to develop into large mushroom monsters.

Cultivation level: Intermediate.

I wouldn't recommend Gandalf strain for the very first attempt in mushroom cultivation.

Of course it doesn't mean it is impossible to grow Gandalf for newbie. However, better to try this strain if you have basic understanding of the growing cycle and at least one successful mushroom cultivation experience. Start simple with easy going Cubensis strains (i.g. Golden Teacher or Pink Buffalo).

Substrates: start with any type of grain substrate for your choice for making grain spawn. The next step will be bulk aka fruiting CVG (coco coir + vermiculite + gypsum) substrate.

At last casing layer, which is possible to skip, but it is highly recommended for pinning and as a protection against contaminants. Casing especially beneficial for slow growing strains.

Resistance to contamination: overall the same as other Cubensis strains. A little bit more prone to contamination during bulk colonization, because Gandalf needs more time for colonization, while molds might be faster. Proper bulk pasteurization and casing layer are the keys on this step.

Colonization, pinning and fruiting speed: Gandalf takes a little more time than other strains to grow and will try your patience level.

Some growers label Gandalf as the slowest (after Enigma) variety they have ever run.

  • About 3-5 weeks for grain colonization.

  • Up to 3 weeks for bulk colonization.

  • Up to 2-3 weeks for pinning.

  • Overall 2-3 month for the first flush and first mushroom harvest

Although, if you are ready to be patient and follow this wizard you’ll be rewarded with amazing giants!

Flushing: Typically 3-4 productive flushes. Late flushes produce less shrooms, but really monsters over 100 grams.

Cultivation Tek: PF-tek and small mushroom cakes (up to 1 qt) not enough for the huge power of Gandalf mushrooms. It is possible to grow them in this way, but the result won’t be what you really expect.

If you find a Gandalf mushroom grow kit and decide to buy it, don’t do this. Wasted time and wasted money are guaranteed!

This strain feels good in a properly made modified MonoTub or Shoebox without any additional support. Natural fresh air exchange (FAE) through air vents with micropore tape as filters over the holes, ambient light, temperature range within 68-75ºF or 20-24ºC.

Gandalf shrooms harvest 280g #4

DubTub as a MonoTub variation or growing in a big plastic bottle aka Bottle-Tek also work great.

Any additional equipment for automation is optional. You can use a PC fan (3 times a day for 5-10 min) and a humidifier (1 time a day for 3-5 minutes after fanning). You can program a $10-20 wifi smart plug off amazon to run your fan and fogger automatically. It just plugs into the wall, then you plug your device into it. Your equipment will turn on/off for as long and as many times per day as you like.

Unicorn bags for fruiting Gandalf is also an option. Just mix 1Qt of spawn to 2Qts of CVG (coco coir + vermiculite + gypsum) bulk substrate and let them colonize. After colonization they may require a slight modification to initiate pinning and fruiting. Apply casing layer and provide more FAE. A couple of 1 inch slits at substrate level on the long sides and under the air filter will be plenty.

Gills and Spores production: Mature mushrooms tend to form a full fruit body with thick stem and cap and produce exposed gills. However most caps do not open very much, sometimes have mutated caps.

Gandalf gills

As albino strain Gandalf has transparent spores or blueish-brown which is totally normal. It doesn't drop spores in any sizable amount. You can’t make a spore print. You have to swab their gills and make spore swabs to save genetic material for the next reproduction.

Gandalf shrooms harvest 280g #3

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