Capsules with mushroom powder is the most convenient way to take microdoses. How to choose capsule size for mushroom microdosing and How to make mushroom capsules

Mushroom capsules for microdosing
DIY capsules with mushroom powder

How to make capsules with mushroom powder for microdosing

Capsules with mushroom powder is the most convenient way to take microdoses.

For a conscious microdosing you should calibrate your individual microdose and follow your schedule.

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Before making capsules for microdosing many questions arise. Let's look at the most common!

How much mushroom powder contains in one capsule? Capsule size for mushroom microdosing

Capsule sizes and approximate content of powder in their volume are given in the table below.

Common gelatin capsules sizes and volume for microdosing psilocybin mushrooms Psilocybe Cubensis
Table of capsule sizes and volumes for psilocybe cubensis microdoses

#00 or #0 or #1 are optimal sizes

On the photo below you can see "0" size hard vegetarian stomach-soluble capsules we used for preparation mushroom microdoses. This capsule size allows you to adjust the microdose up to 0.3g of mushroom powder in one capsule

Empty gelatin gastric soluble capsules for microdosing psilocybin mushrooms
Hard gelatin capsule "0" size (0.68 ml) - 100 pcs. Empty gastric soluble capsules for mushroom microdosing

The weight can be adjusted based on your individual microdose. It's easy to guess if you need 0.4 grams, then prepare 2 capsules 0.2g each.

What capsules to choose for mushroom microdosing?

Stomach-soluble or intestine-soluble? Gelatin or Vegetarian?

Pay attention! There are capsules soluble in the stomach and capsules soluble in the intestines. For mushroom microdosing choose stomach-soluble capsules, as absorption of useful alkaloids with the stomach lining is a standard practice.

Vegetarian or Gelatin capsules is up to you. It doesn't influence on microdosing effects at all. Make a choice according to your individual preferences and lifestyle.

DIY capsule filling for microdosing

How to prepare capsules for microdosing mushrooms
Preparation capsules for microdosing psilocybin mushrooms at home

Prepare the following: 1️⃣ Dry Mushrooms. They should crumble easily, like chips. If mushrooms aren't dried enough, you won't be able to turn them into a powder

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2️⃣ Empty stomach-soluble capsules. Optimal sizes: #00 or #0 or #1. The weight of empty capsule itself is 0.05 grams

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3️⃣ Jewelry or Medical or Laboratory milligram scales. It is important to know the exact weight of each microdose!

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4️⃣ Coffee grinder to turn dried mushrooms into powder

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5️⃣ Tweezers or Capsule Filling Tools for fast and easy capsule filling

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Microdosing capsule preparation

1️⃣ Grind dried mushrooms in coffee grinder. Open capsule's cap and fill it with mushroom powder. Tamp it with Tweezers or Capsule tamper

capsules for microdosing magic mushrooms
Preparation capsules for microdosing psilocybin mushrooms. Put grinded psilocybe cubensis powder in a capsule and tamp it down with tweezers

2️⃣ Close your capsule. Check the weight with milligram scales. When weighting a capsule note that the weight of empty capsule is 0.05 grams

3️⃣ Store ready-made capsules for microdosing in the refrigerator or dark place at room temperature. Take microdose according to your schedule

Ready to use mushroom microdose in capsule
Ready to use microdoses of psilocybin mushrooms (0,15 gram/capsule) for storing in refrigerator and further consumption according to microdosing schedule

❇️ You can use laboratory capsule filling machine. Such device is expensive. It's not worth it if you need just 30-50 or even 100 capsules to fill for your microdosing course.

💊 Capsules are very convenient way for taking individual mushroom microdoses. You can make capsules of different weight for your calibration period if you don't know your own microdose exactly and determine it experimentally. Capsules save your time when you need to take microdose in the morning.

You can organize microdosing with other supplements, vitamins. Use weekly/monthly capsule planner

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❗️Before starting microdosing course read the basic principles and recommendations: Mushroom Microdosing Guide

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