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Useful stuff to store mushrooms

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Here I prepared a list of useful items you can buy on Amazon for storing dry mushrooms for a long period of time. Also, you will find tips on how to save mushroom taste (for edibles) and potency (for actives) as long as possible. It's extremely important for magic mushrooms, because they lose their potency with time.

Proper storage allows you to retain mushroom quality and save their potency for up to 2 years and even longer.

Vacuum Sealer vs Airtight Jars and Ziplock Bags for storing mushrooms for a long time

The main 'enemies' for potency loss and spoiling dry mushrooms are oxygen, humidity and UV light.

The less time mushrooms exposed to oxygen = the less potency losses. Hence the best way to store mushrooms after drying out are airtight containers: vacuum bags, airtight jars or ziplock bags.

Using vacuum sealer machine is the best option for this purpose. It only takes 5-15 seconds to complete the mushroom vacuum sealing. You can prepare packs of different sizes and make the storage compact and stealth.

I'd suggest to prepare small and medium portions (5-10-20-50 grams per pack) for your microdosing course, tripping doses (or for cooking recipe if we are talking about gourmet mushrooms). So that you don't need to open the large bag to take a few grams and expose it to the air, humid environment. Thus you'll save mushroom quality and potency for longer. It is super helpful device for food storage as well and you'll start to use it pretty often.

If you'd like to save your money, you can choose airtight jars or ziplock bags. They are less effective, because they will retain some air inside, but it is not critical in practice. Airtight jars/bags are cheap and compact options for mushrooms storing.

If you use ziplock bags or airtight jars for storage add 1-2 sachets of moisture absorbers aka food grade silica gel desiccant. It will absorb excess moisture during the entire storage period.

Also add 1-2 sachets of oxygen absorbers for preventing chemical reaction and extending mushroom shelf life.

Tip: Don't forget to label your mushrooms with information on the bag/jar: date, strain, flush, weight, special notes etc. This can be very useful over time.

Be sure you dried mushrooms well. You don't need mushrooms spoiled by rotting or mold growing on your semidried harvest. For long-term storage mushrooms should be crunchy (or almost crunchy), like crackers.

Keep your bags or jars in dark place. Avoid direct sun light or UV light while storing mushrooms.

For more details, visit complete guide on How to Dry and Store Mushrooms

Can I store magic mushrooms at room temperature?

Yes, room temperature is not a problem for dried mushrooms, therefore you can store them in the dark dry cabinet corner, any relatively dry and dark cool place or in the fridge.

Can I store dry shrooms or magic mushroom chocolate in freezer?

Yes, dry shrooms or magic mushroom chocolate with dry mushroom powder in it can be stored in the freezer without potency loss.

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