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DIY Mushrooms Equipment & Teks

Technical guides, teks and solutions on how to build automated equipment for mushroom growing by your own.
Helpful DIY equipment for mycological manipulations.
Tips and tricks for automating and improving mushroom growing process

DIY Mushroom Guides

Growing Troubleshooting

Mushroom Cultivation is a fascinating and inspiring process, however each of us faces different kind of issues during the grow. Shroomok constantly collects useful tips on how to deal with a lot of types of cultivation problems.

Shroomok will help you distinguish between contamination and, for example, mushroom bruises, determine whether you have to get rid of suspicious cake or it's still healthy to grow on. Here you can find not only comprehensive information about the most common molds and contams, but instructions on what to do with overlay or stroma as well

Growing Troubleshooting

Mushroom Consumption

At this point Shroomok can assume that you've already harvested some fungies. Congratulations, you are the best!

But remember: Mushrooms are powerful. Shroomok suggests you to raise a respectful and careful attitude to them, at least when it comes to consumption.

In this section Shroomok shares their experience, thoughts, tips, and recipes on how to use Mushrooms.

Trips, microdosing and tasty recipes

Mushroom Strains

There are dozens of wonderful Mushroom species and strains Shroomok should write about.

Shroomok invites you to read exciting stories of a few of them and share your impression in our Discord Community

Mushroom species & strains

Mushrooms Q&A

In this section you can find short educational articles regarding frequently asked questions about Mushroom Cultivation process.

If you'd like to know how to store spore prints, spore syringe, dried mushrooms, etc, - welcome inside

Mushrooms Q&A
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