How to store mushroom Spore Syringe for a long time? How to identify whether spore syringe contaminated or not?

How to store Mushroom Spore Syringes for a long time

Liquid spore syringe is a sterile syringe with mushroom spores and sterile water. It is a fast method for substrate inoculation, agar inoculation or making liquid culture (LC). Spore syringe is easy to make by your own.

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What to do if you have ready to use spore syringe, but need time for growing preparation or postpone your cultivation process?

How long mushroom spore syringe can be stored?

Ready-made mushroom spore syringe if stored properly stay viable for mycological manipulations up to 12 month and even more.

What temperature should spore syringes be stored?

If you are going to start your mushroom growing process in the nearest 1-3 weeks, no problem to store spore syringe at room temperature +20..25°C or 68-77°F in dark place and airtight zip bag for additional sterility.

For long term storage spore syringe should be stored in the refrigerator at +2°..+8°C or 35-46°F in airtight zip bag.

How to use spore syringe after long term storage?

Shake the syringe thoroughly before inoculation to spread spores evenly in liquid.

Spores can stick together over time and clot of spores formed. Shake spore syringe every few weeks to avoid it

Can spore syringe go bad?

Yes, if spore syringe was contaminated. Mold contamination usually not visible, but bacteria contamination is visible. You can see some kind of slime or turbid solution is formed in syringe.

Healthy spore syringe has transparent liquid!

Thin dust like threads in spore syringe. Contamination or not?

Sometimes you can find something like thin dust threads in liquid. They can appear after 2-3 weeks after making spore syringe. There are germinated spores and nothing to worry about. Moreover, such spores colonise substrate faster.

Germinated spores in spore syringe, like dust threads is not contamination
Germinated spores in spore syringe (like thin dust threads) is not contamination

Sometimes even mycelium is formed in syringe

Germinated spores and mycelium is formed in spore syringe
Mycelium is formed in spore syringe

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