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Ingredients for DIY true pH adjusted casing layer substrate

Casing is non-nutrient substrate!

It is a thin (1/5-1/3 inches or 5-10 mm) layer that retain moisture, creates favorable microclimate for pinning and play a protective role against most of mold contaminants.

  • Casing layer is optional for ordinary Psilocybe Cubensis strains.

  • Highly recommended for Psilocybe Natalensis and P. Cubensis mutants (like Albino Penis Envy, True Albino Teacher lineage and all their descendants).

  • Eventually, it is must have for Panaeolus.

There are 3 main ingredients: peat moss aka sphagnum, vermiculite and hydrated lime aka slaked lime (calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2).

The common casing substrate recipe (pH on eye):
  • peat moss (aka sphagnum) - 2 cups

  • vermiculite - 1 cup

  • hydrated lime - 1 tablespoon

  • water - 1 cup

Hydrated lime is extremely important ingredient for pH adjusting! Thus, by creating alkaline top layer we'll protect our mushroom cake against mold contamination. Especially green mold Trichoderma doesn't like such substrate - what else could you dream of?

The recommended pH should be around 8.0-8.5. To know exactly the pH level use pH meter or at least simple soil test strips.

For more details, visit complete guide on Casing

Here is the list of all needed ingredients (2-4 options of each item for your choice), stuff for checking pH (pH meters, test strips) and ready-made casing mix if you don't want be bothered with preparation.