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Ingredients for Coco Coir mix or CVG substrate

Bulk or fruiting substrate is a secondary substrate in mushroom growing process. It is a source of additional water and nutrients for mushroom metabolism and fruits development.

Bulk substrate content is dependent on mushroom species. It can be coco coir, sawdust, manure, compost, straw, hay, grain and seeds hulls, paper products, wood pellets, wood chips etc. For P. Cubensis growing coco coir mix (CVG) is the most common recipe.

CVG substrate = Coco coir + Vermiculite + Gypsum.

On this step you need to prepare Bulk substrate first.

Ingredients (for 5 Qt grain spawn):

  • coco coir - 1 brick (1,4 lbs = 650g)

  • vermiculite - 8 cups (2 qts)

  • gypsum (CaSO4) - 1 cup

  • hot boiling water - 18 cups (4.5 qts)

After pasteurization, mix it with fully colonized Grain Spawn. It is called Spawn to Bulk (S2B). Actually, by doing this you create a mushroom cake/block for mushrooms development in fruiting chamber (Shoebox, GrowBox, Monotub, Bottle, Grow Tent).

For more details, visit complete guide on Bulk substrate and Spawn to Bulk

Here is the list of all needed ingredients for DIY substrate. Each ingredient has 2 options for your choice.

If you don't want to bother with preparation, there are also ready-made pasteurized substrate. It saves your time, but makes pressure on your pocket. DIY substrate x4 cheaper ;)