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Hello. Why do some spore prints stick to the side of the beaker when added to sterile water and during the syringe filling process. Ive had nice dark prints wasted due to no spores being sucked up and all were stuck to the glass beaker! I was told to add a bit of "jet dry" or similar water wetter and that did seem to help but I dont want to have to add anything such as that. Some prints mix great and fill up nicely but some dont. Thank you

Brian Harris AKA Psilocyborg

I had to laugh when I saw the bottle tek! For over a decade I've used 2 liter pop bottles cut in half about 1/3 up from the bottom, leveled the cut edges and made an inch high slice in the upper part so it will fold in enough to fit back into the bottom half. Then i put about 1 cup of perlite and enough hydrogen peroxide to saturate it and then add an inch layer of sterilized vermiculite. The vermiculite must be sterilized or it will autocontaminate with trichoderma mold. Baking in the over for dry heat sterilization is fine but I fill quart jars to almost the top and add water until there's about 1/2 inch in the bottom and pressure cook it. This acts as a casing layer, moisture reserve and it keeps fruitbodies from growing upside down as a photogenic response to light reflecting from the perlite layer which is just another moisture reserve. Then I pop either a half pint or a pint PF Tek cake in (or make a sandwich with 2 half pints and add a spoonful of the vermiculite on top of the cake as a second casing layer. I only use peroxide with these and at each harvest the cake gets a thorough spray down with peroxide. For air exchange I take the pop bottle cap off and stuff a cotton ball in there or use a coffee filter and twist tie to seal it off. Half ounce per 1/2 pint cake is the usual end dry weight with 7 gram first flushes.

Shroomok avatar Shroomok

@Леонид Yes, during bulk colonization period (when air vents are closed) keep the tub in a dark place. The temperature range is around 70-80F or 21-27С. You don't need neither fresh air exchange nor misting/humidifier for this period, just forget about it. Keep the tub closed and wait for 80-100% of top layer colonization. After that you can open air vents (make sure to protect them with polyfill or micropore tape). Good luck 🤞

Shroomok avatar Shroomok

@G The optimal temperature is 122°F or +50°C. The higher temperature over 140°F or 60°C is not critical for potency loss, but mushrooms are easy to burn and spoil (this happens very often to newbie growers).

Drying time depends on the weight and size of mushrooms. Typically, it takes from 5 to 12 hours. You can start with 5-6 hours, check the results and decide to continue or not. Properly dried shrooms for long-term storage should crisp, like chips (or like fruit chips).

More details in full guide here:

Joe (the other Joe)

Hi, I wanted to share my Joe's dead easy method for mushroom chocolate. It is easy and uses very low temperature:

- Very dry magic mushrooms (6g for example)
- Dark Chocolate drops / callets / pallets (100g for example)

- Coffee grinder
(Warning: a coffee/espresso "CONE GRINDER" did not work for me, switched to blade based "herb grinder")
OR If you have no grinder you can also a mortar, but it gets pretty dusty soon...
- Thermostat to constantly get temperature of the molten chocolate (This is essential for this method)
- Pot / pot for water bath
- Form to fill chocolate in

1. Grind the shrooms as fine as possible.
2. Heat the chocolate in the water bath
3. Add shroom powder, stir well
4. Fill chocolate into form(s)

So sounds simple but here is the trick. You NEED to get into the topic of "Tempering chocolate" there are 1001 links to be found on the net. Tempering chocolate is not only important to get a nice "non sticky" chocolate with a nice surface but also to get the chocolate out of the form(s) in absolute mint condition (!).

So I used the the following "Tempering chocolate guide", Together with dark chocolate callets from the same manufacturer:

Instructions with tempering:
1. Grind the shrooms as fine as possible.

2(a) Important: Keep 10-15% of chocolate callets for later(!)
2(b) Heat the chocolate (pot) in the water bath to 41-45 C (ideal temp depends on your chocolate type)
2(c) Take the pot away from heat / water bath. Add the 10-15% chocolate pallets to "do/init the tempering" and stir until you reach about 35 C

3. Add shroom powder, stir well. stir and wait until the chocolate/shroom mix reaches 31-32C
4. Fill chocolate into form(s) (just clean forms, no fat or anything added to prevent sticking)

The results should be great. I think a nice advantage is the low cooking temperature.

Have fun