How long ca I store dry psilocybin mushrooms
How long dry magic mushrooms can be stored

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❓How long can I store dried psilocybin mushrooms?

❓Is it safe to eat psilocybin mushrooms after 2-3-4 years of storage?

❓Do psilocybin mushrooms go bad over time?

☝️ Answer from Shroomok:

When stored properly dried psilocybin mushrooms fully retain their properties and psychoactivity for up to 2 years.

After 2-3-4 years they WON’T spoil, WON’T get worse or go bad, they WON’T become dangerous for consuming.

As time passes mushrooms slowly lose their magic. It means the main alkaloid's (psilocybin) concentration decreases over time. Therefore, shrooms are still edible, but become useless for microdosing or psychedelic trips.

Using proper storage techniques of drying process and storage help to keep mushrooms both: safe and potent for consumption.

🔴 Store dry magic mushrooms in airtight zip bags, sealed bags or in jars with tightly closed lids. It is important to avoid contact with oxygen.

🔴 Psilocybin mushrooms should be stored in a dark, cool place. Room temperature is also okay (+20°..+25°C or 68–77°F) in a dark corner of any cabinet or in the refrigerator.

Check out details in How to Dry and Store Psilocybin Mushrooms guide.

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