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Category: Mushrooms Q&A

How long do shrooms last

Do shrooms go bad?
Do magic mushrooms lose their potency over time or go bad?

Magic mushroom storage and potency loses over time

It is possible to store fresh magic mushrooms in the same way as any edible mushrooms. Cover them in baking paper or plastic bag and put in a refrigerator. But the storage time for fresh mushrooms only 4-5 days, then their tissues start to decompose, decay and shrooms go bad.

You can also freeze magic mushrooms, but improper freezing can spoil your harvest easy.

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That's why so far drying magic mushrooms is the best and easy way for long term storage.

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How long can I store dried psilocybin mushrooms?

Properly stored dried psilocybin mushrooms fully retain their properties and psychoactive alkaloids for up to 2 years.

Do psilocybin mushrooms go bad after years of storage?

After 2-3-4 years properly stored dry psilocybin mushrooms WON’T spoil. WON’T get worse or go bad. Magic mushrooms WON’T become poisonous or dangerous for consuming.

Dried mushrooms lose their potency over time?

As time passes, mushrooms slowly lose their magic. It means the main alkaloid's (psilocybin) concentration decreases over time. Therefore, shrooms are still edible, but become useless for microdosing or psychedelic trips

Using proper storage techniques of drying process and storage help to keep mushrooms safe and active.

Mushroom powder or ground mushrooms lose potency faster than whole mushrooms?

Powdered/ground mushrooms have a shorter life of alkaloids than dried whole mushrooms due to additional contact with oxygen. But with proper storage the lifetime can be pretty similar.

How to store dry magic mushrooms

How long ca I store dry psilocybin mushrooms
How long dry magic mushrooms can be stored

Main rules for storage dry psilocybin mushrooms:

🔴 Mushroom should be well dried and crisp like cracker or fruit chips.

🔴 Store dry magic mushrooms in airtight zip bags, sealed bags or airtight jars. It is important to avoid contact with oxygen in order to keep psilocybin in mushrooms for longer.

🔴 Add food grade silica gel in each bag/jar to absorb moisture and keep shrooms dry.

🔴 Dry psilocybin mushrooms should be stored in a dark place. Avoid direct sunlight!

🔴 Dry magic mushrooms should be stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature (+20°..+25°C or 68–77°F) in a dark place.

❗️ Throw away mushrooms if you find powdery mold or slime on them!

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