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For cutting hole in a plastic tub for a SAB if a person has a Dremel rotary tool the circle guide will make extremely quick work of it. It took me longer to measure out the spacing than it did to make the perfectly clean cuts

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DIY Mold Test on Agar

Mold spores are everywhere. But how do you know what airborne contaminants are present in your home? Make a simple air sampling test on agar to check the air quality in your workspace for mycology or any other places

Still Air Box

Still air box is a simple device aimed to prevent contamination during mycology manipulations. SAB is a cheap alternative to laminar flow hood. Make step towards advanced cultivation level: agar work, cloning, agar to agar, g2g transfer, etc

How to freeze fresh shrooms

You can freeze mushrooms to prolong their activity. It's not a rocket science, however it's easy to fail and spoil magic mushrooms by freezing. Here we talk about main aspects of refrigeration of fresh psilocybin mushrooms to save their potency

Wasted shroom cakes

STEP 20. How to dispose of mushroom cakes or mushroom blocks, when the fruiting cycle is finished. How to bury mushroom cake and get harvest outdoor

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