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1.How to grow mushrooms at home
2.Stuff to buy for growing
3.Liquid mushroom spore syringe
4.Choose and prepare substrate
5.Cooking the substrate
6.Preparing Jars for spawn
7.Substrate sterilization (before adding mushroom spores)
8.Inoculation without glove box
9.Incubator control
10.Casing of mushroom cakes
11.Cold shock for mushrooms
12.DIY Grow Box. Mushrooms fruiting conditions
13.How to grow mushrooms in the bottle
14.Start of fruiting, pinhead initiation
15.How to make mushroom spore prints
16.Mushroom harvesting time
17.How to dry and store mushrooms
18.Rehydration of mushroom cakes
19.Second flush of mushroom harvest
20.Third flush of mushroom harvest
21.Fourth flush of mushroom harvest
22.Fifth flush of mushroom harvest
23.Sixth flush of mushroom harvest
24.Disposing of mushrooms cakes
25.Mushroom growing statistics with charts
26.Mushroom growing experiments
27.Mushroom growing conclusions
28.Overlay & Stroma
29.Mushroom aborts
30.Mushroom metabolites
31.Mushrooms contaminants
32.Mushroom candies and mushroom chocolate recipes
33.Mushroom capsules for microdosing
34.Mushroom microdosing
35.Preparing for psychedelic trip
36.How to deal with bad trip
37.Mushroom tea
38.Liquid spore VS Liquid culture
39.Grain to grain transfer
40.Contamination: Cobweb mold
41.Magic of Golden Teacher mushrooms
42.Pink Buffalo magic mushrooms strain

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