Shroomok Discord Guild Digest for 2022

Hello and welcome to the Shroomok Community Digest!

Hopefully, it will be regular column on this website. I'll try to publish info about/or-generated-by Community on, at least, monthly basis

Since 2022 our Guild has grown from 100 to 580 members, that's cool!

I want to say huge thanks to every person who joined Shroomok family. To everyone who saturates its atmosphere with constructive dialogues, humour, love, help and support

Hey you!

Yes. You!

You make Shroomok community special!

Some of you've been highlighted with a role, which is, in my humble opinion, pretty much descriptive

🧐 SCIENCE LAB MODERATOR β€” TRYPTO β€” moderator with scientific background, who is working on obtaining biochemistry PhD right now. TRYPTO supports βš—οΈscience-lab channel, shares scientific studies, sheds light on the data. Also discusses mycology, mushroom cultivation and fungi related topics. There's so much to learn from him.

πŸ„ MUSHROOMHEAD β€” Mycelia P β€” irrepressible grower-workaholic, true doer, who has many achievements and a lot to come yet! For instance, for the last year Mycelia P has grown 14 Cubensis strains and shared photo results with community in πŸ“Έ harvest-photos channel: APE, Super APE 1, Jedi Mind F*ck, Blue magnolia classic, Luminous Lucy, Blue meanie cubensis, B+, Albino Avery, Ganesh McKenna etc.

Working with cloning and mushroom cultures on agar in still air box is a trick of Mycelia P's home mycology. Extremely kind person who sets an amazing example, supports and motivates others to grow.

🀌 GOURMET MASTER β€” Serpico β€” awe-inspiring gourmet mushroom grower, who shares cultivation process, issues on the way and final harvest results: Pink Oysters, Yellow Oysters, Pioppino, Shiitake, Lion's Mane, Enoki etc. All these species grow in Serpico's grow tent and were shared in πŸ“Έ harvest-photos channel

πŸ€™ MYCO CHEF β€” Woolf β€” glorious mushroom grower with great practical expertise on working with agar and liquid culture, shares it in 🧬agar-lc-tek channel. Always can find a great practical life hack for πŸ’‘tips-tricks channel to make your grower's life easier and more attractive

πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ FUNGI FAIRY β€” belle☽ β€” charming angel of our community with great sense of humor. Helps growers with simple recipes and motivates them with right words

πŸ€– TECH GURUs β€” NightShiftNinja, hottubfoot, 3EyeFlames, mrzimm β€” astonishing mushroom growers with technical background. They share their experience and experiments with remarkable technical solutions. Automatization guides for mushroom cultivation in πŸ”§diy-growing-set-up on Discord and a few complete guides by mrzimm were posted in the section DIY equipment & Teks on shroomok website

😈 MYCO WIZARDs β€” trippytrader98, Coconut Peppermintson, deadclipz, Κ‚Ζ™Δ±β„˜Ι¬ΰ½žΔ±β„˜β„˜Δ±Ε‹, GRIM MFKR β€” magnificent growers, who support members of our community on the way, share mushroom beauty and bring positive vibes

πŸ‘Ή MAGIC WARRIORs β€” 44cowhand, mush, D!NG0, Prof. Frags, Jaern Vitaro, π•Ύπ–™π–Šπ–†π–’π–ž π•Ύπ–•π–—π–Žπ–™π–Š, PsiloHoney β€” our curious stubborn growers, who ask right questions, share their successes and fails, never give up. They help others as well, based on their own trials & errors

Also, I would like to mention people who invested not only soul, but material energy as well

β˜•οΈ BUYMEACOFFEE SUPPORTERs - deadclipz, angeline, DRodman88, inlvwitursoul, yakima - big-hearted members, who support shroomok with donation on buymeacoffee and sent warm comments

πŸš€ SERVER BOOSTERs β€” DippyReality, Jcaedd, π•Ύπ–™π–Šπ–†π–’π–ž π•Ύπ–•π–—π–Žπ–™π–Š, TRYPTO β€” generous shroomok discord server supporters

All these wizards keep our community knowledgeable, warm and friendly, thank you very much!

See ya!

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